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wangt86 02-13-2014 07:18 AM

Good shop for paint and minor repair NJ
Looking to get paint done to cover up some rock chips and probably get minor fiberglass repair if its within my budget. I was looking at the corvette forums but couldn't find anyone. Anyone have any recommendations in NJ. Can any body shop do the paint or does it need a special process?


glb 02-13-2014 08:18 AM

Where in NJ?

BTW, I'm reasonably sure we're in the Northeast....

Larry Comerford, 908-526-6960 in NNJ. Very good work.

Rock chips can be done at home using the instructions found here:

Car Care Specialties - Quality Car Care Products

2011 chrome orange 02-13-2014 11:20 AM

I searched around for weeks before deciding to use C&D Auto Body in South Hackensack for my Evora. I check various forums for feedback on their work, checked with the BBB etc. Eventually, I spoke with the owner, Matt, and had them paint my 3rd brake light pod, GT4 wing and HVAC panel in chrome orange.

My understanding is that CO is pretty hard to match right with the shades, flakes etc. but he had it absolutely dead on (he had a paint rep come in to assist in the color match). He is a perfectionist and is probably more anal than I am. And, his shop was neat, organized and extremely clean.

He also painted a friendís Competition Orange Boss 302 a few months ago that had minor fender damage. The match on that one was perfect too.

I found out that most of their work is for BMW of North America which is in Bergen County. I believe he does their corporate cars as well as repairs to brand new imports. If you go to the shop, be prepared to spend some time. He is extremely knowledgeable and will gladly school you on body work, paint etc. Also, they are not cheap by any means and are not the fastest, but in the end it was well worth it to me.

Matt Cassiano
C & D Auto Body
176 Saddle River Ave, Bld G.
South Hackensack, NJ
Tel 973-779-0497

Korntera 02-23-2014 11:52 AM

Mods want to move this from NW forum to NE? Somebody got the coasts mixed up ;-)

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