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namoom 10-12-2018 08:35 AM

Emissions PSA- anyone with a non-stock tune
If you have a REV300 or REV400:
If you are in a part of Colorado that requires emissions then ensure your tune has ALL emissions components enabled. Their ODB readers check for all of them and one comes up missing or N/A they will send you to the "special emissions inspection" shop and they will check if your ECU has an OEM tune
They get deep. they found notes in my REV400 tune that were put there by BOE, their software can check every bit of the ECU

I am looking at doing a complete reversal of my engine swap and removing the Supercharger just to pass emissions this round

On a similar note: does anyone have a completely STOCK 06/07 ECU I could pay to borrow for 3 days to do the emissions test after my engine swap?

Obeisance 10-12-2018 08:47 AM

how did they get access to the ecu? did you have to surrender the car to them for some period of time?

i mean to ask, did they use a CAN tool or pry open the ecu cover to use the bdm port?

namoom 10-12-2018 08:54 AM

special inspection station uses a very expensive looking scan tool station via the normal ODB port to read the full contents of the ECU, similar to how BOE tuning software uses the ODB

Obeisance 10-12-2018 08:58 AM

in that case, this type of deep er probing of the ecu can be circumvented by a software update.

I'm only speculating, but i suspect that they simply used regular obd queries to check all obd modes, rather than getting a full rom dump. did they give you any documents with the evidence of what they found?

namoom 05-04-2019 12:12 PM

I hate when people don't reply with results :)

This is for Colorado Counties that test emissions- it should be damn close if not the same as what you see in California

My ECU was alerted on because the cat reported "n/a" via odb at the emissions station (normally "not ready" if this isn't disabled in the ECU). This is why I had to deal with the deeper level of emissions inspector station.
The emissions station does not accept any ecu with anything other than a stock image. Due to EPA regulations BOE has to leave put their registered number in the ECU any time they modify something at an ECU level- therefore- not stock.

Because I needed a completely stock ECU for emissions I put the stock motor back in with a new ecu that had a factory image- I was too worried about running the BOE engine on reduced compression with a stock tune and messing something up.

In the future all emissions components have to check in properly and reflect as much via ODB- not just the CAT but BOE usually disables the o2 sensors as well.
To address this I have all emissions components on the car with 2 ECUs- one for Track use (emissions components set to BOE preference) and one for the street with all emissions components enabled

Even with the aftermarket engine and supercharger the car will pass the normal emissions without a problem with the second ECU- as long as I don't get flagged for going to the station with the track ECU and it's emission components disabled

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