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Blythzithe 11-05-2015 09:34 AM

DFW Body Shop
I recently purchased a 05 lotus Elise from Don Jackson Fiat Atlanta GA back in latter part of September. While driving it back to Weatherford TX I hit a piece of tire in the road causing the oil cooler line to break off. Long story short I have had in a body shop in Weatherford TX who had assured me they could repair it properly. Replacing front clam and side seal "rocker panel". Well after a grueling 2 months of getting parts in and after countless assurances I have come to the conclusion and that they are not going to be competent enough to repair it properly and I am taking it to DFW. You might ask why did I not take it to DFW from the beginning? Well at the time everybody in DFW was a month out plus before I could bring it in. Now I have spoken with John Eagle and they can get it in; but after only driving my Elise for 2 hours in the last 2.5 months of owner ship I want to get a good shop and put this behind me. Is there any other shop I should look into, Stuarts etc. thanks

jefrac 11-05-2015 09:52 AM

They are not, strictly speaking, a "body shop"... but you should START by speaking to the guys at Sports Car World (972) 884-4888. Richard and the guys down there can handle what you need done and they have a good reputation with the DFW Lotus community. I was down there the other day and can tell you, it's worth going over and talking to them. They do everything from complete restorations on classic Elans, Elites, Austin Healys and Lotus race cars up to repairs and maintenance on modern cars.

It might be tough to get them on the phone until next week. They all left yesterday for COTA where they will race their classic Lotus cars.

Check the race team out here: regogoracing.com

Good luck with it.

vaughn 11-05-2015 11:22 AM

Consider going to MC Customs in Houston, TX. A little bit of a drive but I've seen them transform really bad totals into custom show cars.

SAFE4NOW 11-27-2015 05:55 AM

Stuart's in Dallas or Details Ltd have been my go-to for the past 25+ years.

Detail's Ltd did some work on my Elise back in the day, took a week, but it came out correct!

sorry to hear about your bad luck.


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