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Is it okay to hate the New Elise? Set me straight.

I am relatively new to the Lotus community (about 13,000 miles). I love how simple and fun my 2005 Elise is to work on and the amount of performance that can be had from the 2zz-ge with a few easy mods. It's also pretty convenient that companies like Monkeywrench Racing have done so much with this engine already! I love the minimalist philosophy of Colin Chapman and as a motorcycle rider who hadn't had a car in 3 years I was floored by how head over heels I am for this car, but seeing where the new cars are going kind of bothers me.

Screw the new Elise. -200cc of displacement? Check. -56HP? Check. +150 lbs? Check. -9 ft. lbs. of torque? Check. +0.5 seconds on 0-60 time? Check. Unnecessary options like backup sensors and cruise control (cruise control!)? Check. Screw you Proton. Get off my precious Lotus!

I have been taken aback by the history and legacy of Lotus and to see the direction Proton is taking Lotus really bothers me. They have made this car tacky and turned their backs on the history of the brand. It's a car company, not a hotel chain!

I guess what I'm hoping to accomplish by this rant is for someone to comfort me or at least confirm that I'm not crazy by thinking that those of us with our 2010 and older vehicles are partaking in the last great products Lotus has to offer.

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This is history repeating itselft. Chapman started with the Seven, Elite and Eleven and then started moving into luxury cars like the Eclat, the Excel and the Esprit. Then Lotus launched the Elise and Exige and now we're back to 'luxury' with Evora and Esprit. We just need to hang around until they get back to basics again :-)
It did take them the best part of 20 years between launching the 7 S4 and the first Elise. Roll on 2030

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I cant wait for the 2035 E****. It is going to be groundbreaking!

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Keep in mind they are running a company selling upper-mid sports cars, not a specialty race house for the super rich. If Lotus loses too much money, there won't be *any* Lotus cars in the future. And that would be sad.

My hope is that this is a temporary blip, something they have to do in order to get to profitability. Once they have spare cash, then they can produce another more traditional Lotus vehicle which we would appreciate.

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To be clear, the 1.6 liter engine 1) isn't even available in the US, and 2) is an "entry level" version with hopes to get a bigger market share. They definitely still have a 1.8 and 1.8S option available... so why the complaints?

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I wish the 1.6L was available in the U.S.A.! It would make a fantastic entry-level Elise for Lotus and would bring in more new customers and also add a great fuel economy halo to the Lotus brand. I don't mind the changes they've made to the Elise for the '11 facelift. Cruise control isn't sacrilege; it adds almost zero weight [the weight of a switch and a couple wires to the ECU], and it's nice for roadtrips. I don't get bent out of shape with the spec sheet, as what's important is the driving experience behind the wheel has been retained.

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I agree with Ryephile. A 1.6L would be a great entry-level Elise for the US market and would offer plenty of capability for daily driving. Although I am not sure how well it would do in the US market, where bigger is always better.

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It's been a while since I bought petrol in the U.K. but, it's worth remembering that gasoline is frighteningly expensive there.

I'm not sure what prices are right now but, back in January an Imperial gallon of gasoline cost ~5 pounds. Converting to dollars that's $7.65 USD. Convert the imperial gallon to a US gallon and that's roughly $6.38 for a U.S. gallon of gasoline. And that's for regular!

If gas was $6.00 a gallon here, a 1.6 liter engine might seem like not such a bad thing.
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im not sure the US market needs a 1.6l elise. How much cheaper could the 1.6l be sold in the use for? Unless it could meet the 25-30k price point it doesent make any sense. I dont think the relatively high price of the elise has much to do with the motor....

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Originally Posted by TurboNitroLaser View Post
Is it okay to hate the New Elise? Set me straight.
Yes. This is America. You can hate anything and anyone you want.
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Originally Posted by DeanG View Post
Yes. This is America. You can hate anything and anyone you want.

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I hated the new Elise the first time I saw the pictures of it, but since then it's grown on me. It's amazing how a few more colors and a few more angles will change the mind. I'm still iffy on the redesign on the front, though.

As far as the 1.6L, I'm mostly indifferent, but one of the greatest things about the Elise is that it's very capable despite its (comparably) small engine. I don't thing we need an option for an even smaller one.
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Wasn't the 1.6 primarily introduced because of emissions?

The first photos I saw didn't impress me at all, but as Cory1134 said, a couple more colours and I am slowly being won over. I still need to see the car in the flesh, so that could affect things.

I'll try remember to ask the local dealer when they are getting the new models. Hopefully picking up my 111R tomorrow with its new, replaced dashboard... (I hope.
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I say cruise control and a rear hatch release would be nice, but I think the power windows suck even if they're lighter.

not only is the 1.6 option only not in the us, it's always been an option on the current body too... just not in the us.

People complained when they added power brakes and some 200-300 lbs in the transition from the older body styled s1 elise to the current s2.

My other car is a mercedes g-wagen and it's been in production (basically the exact same external body panels since 1979) and it's got one minimial frame/chassis update in 1990 and 2 interior updates in 1990 and 2001. What we have over there is 3 major camps based on interior complexity and electronics... in the end you gotta pick what years you like and keep your baby maintained. if your car gets totalled, you just buy another one of the same vintage you know and love... no sense in cryin' over spilt milk that they don't make them like they used too... becuase that's a fact that will never change. For better or for worse is the debate.

I saw an evora at the SF dealer a few days ago... beautiful two toned interior... there's a lot of stuff in there, but it's pretty alright.... but i like showing people the elise has exposed frame inside the car...

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I went to the dealer this weekend to look at the new elise and I just don't like it compared to the previous years. The front is just boring and the trunk/engine lid is ugly.

I don't hate it, but I don't prefer it.
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I dunno - Its a pretty good looking car from the views Ive had of it.

As for Lotus - they have to do what they have to do. You'll never please everyone no matter what so if if they have to cater to a little more sophistacted buyer that wants more than a weekend track toy then so be it. I dont have to agree with all of it but I want them around for many years.

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If you think the the 2011 Elise SC isn't a nice looking car, don't worry they are not coming to this country anymore untill maybe 2015 and they are a little too modern looking to be that distinctive car we all loved in the past. Should have kept the 2011 styling, dropped in the Toyota 2.0 liter, and put some regulation internal bumpers on the car. Lotus did not do these things and as a result we will not be able to get a new Elise for several years when the ones that are already here run out!!!!! I am glad I bought my 2011 Elise SC right before the dealer closed it's doors.
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Its called progress. The market was/is saturated for a 15yr old design. Be realistic, it has had a great run. Best selling car in Lotus history. Plenty out there for those that want one.

As an owner, even I felt no need to trade in and replace my 2005 with the same thing. Many of us feel the same.

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It's OK to hate the new entry-level Elise for all the reasons you stated. You don't need to be set straight at all. I have the 2011 SC, though, and it's absolutely mental. And I think it looks great!
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i hate it - and its not a "new" Elise. (not an S3) keep in mind "our" s2 are the new car, and the s1 purist hate our "new" cars for all the reasons mentioned.

to be honest - i think the s2 is a good compromise.

until a real s3 comes out... it just an uglier s2.

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