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S2000 vs. Evo IX MR

Seeing the AWD vs RWD car made me think that maybe you guys can help me decide on something. I'm looking for a approx. 35k car for everyday use (not heavy track, but something that performs should the need arise). It has to be fun, overall, and so far I've got it narrowed to a 2006 Honda S2000 or a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR (no, not the new subie, the new STi's are too . . . 'unique' looking for my tastes). This is a pure fun and performance question; don't bother with the insurance (S2000 advantage) or versatility (Evo advantage) or anything like that, just a pure adrenaline rush 'holy-crap-just-had-a-blast-driving-to-work' feel.

I know alot of you own either one of these cars, so feel free to chime in!

PS: Prices are approx the same, MR is about 1K more.
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s2k is an incredible trk car. more durable than evo, due to NA motor.
on street, i take evo over s2k b/c evo has lot more torque down under.

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Elise/EVO VIII owner

I have 50K miles on my EVO VIII-original cluth nothing but oil changes and brake pads and tires-it is an amazing car second only to the Elise as pure driving fun.

If you need four doors and it must have maximum off the richter scale performance at a realistic price, the Evo is the only choice. Call Lilly at sector 111 her bosses' daily driver is an Evo,enough said!
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Have you driven them both? I have, and I bought the Evo. They were really no comparison. I've always been a sports car guy (I've have owned a few Miatas, an MR-2 Turbo, a few 911s, a Boxster, an M Coupe, etc.) and I've never really liked turbos or AWD cars before, but the Evo is a bellweather car. It is just such a great driver's car. I couldn't believe how much fun it was. You'd be driving along and catch a glipse back and realize that you're in a sedan - it was weird.

I loved my Evo and only sold it because the budget was tight when the Elise came in a few months early. I will buy one again. Hell, my wife even want's one.

If you haven't driven them, I reccomend that you do. That's the only way to make up your mind, and it will be a lot of fun.


P.S. I like the S2000, but it really doesn't seem like it should cost as much as the Evo, especially the MR.
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I have a '01 S2000 and had a '04 Evo RS, the one with no power windows and locks. Never had a chance to drive my Evo on a track before I had to sell it, though.

If you are looking for an everyday car, it's hands down the Evo. S2000 can't even come close to its acceleration under 100 MPH. Besides, on the street, it's too hard to really enjoy the S2000. And since you post here, I'm assuming you have an Elise. Again, S2000 is too much like the Elise, so there is realy no reason to have two similar cars. (Yeah, I'm selling my S2000 and possibly to buy another Evo).

PS, I am actually surprised that Evo MR is so expensive. Don't forget S2000 is a convertible. Any convertible is expensive because of what it is... Just like coupes are more expensive than sedans because they are more "cool".

'05 Arctic Silver/Ruby Red - Touring/SS/HT

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I can't say enough good things about the S2000. I have an '04 and it's been totally trouble-free. If you decide that you want a RWD 2 seat convertible, the S2000 is a great way to go.

I'll likely sell mine this summer after my Exige arrives (if the Exige is what I expect it to be). If the Exige is a total PITA, I may keep the S2000 and sell the Exige. I like the S2000 THAT much.

But, if the Exige is the keeper, I'll be looking for a fun car with a little more versatility. I've considered the Audi A3 3.2 w/ DSG. Not as raw as the Mitsu, of course, but it's a nice car that can do it all.

I guess I'm biased. The only Japanese car I've ever owned was the S2000. I've owned two Honda motorcycles too. Since Honda is in the motor business, I consider them to make real modern-day machines. Mitsubishi makes TV sets....and WWII fighter planes. I never like the styling of the Mitsu Evo either. Too overdone. Of course, I think that the Exige is JUST RIGHT! Go figure.

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I have two Evo's, one for me and one for my wife. They are primarily our daily drivers, with the elise taking duty a couple days a week.

I have also driven both the early and updated S2000s at speed, although not on a track. I really liked it. But I'm not an expert so I'll stick with what I know.

I absolutely love the Evo. Its been perfectly reliable, despite both being tuned to 350-380hp now. Its just plain stupid fast in a way that the Elise or the S2000 can't equal.

Its also one of the best handling cars in the world. The AWD setup (especially on my 05 with the Active Diff) is brilliant and still allows for some tail out power if you want it. The steering is ultra quick and ranks up there with the Elise and S2000 as the best I've ever driven.

The grip is astonishing, hitting the turbo rush in mid corners is like being able to watch the laws of physics get ripped to shreds in disbelief. It simply redefines your perception about what performance really is....

Put it this way. I had a very fast modified 996C2 and a race prepped M3 in my garage a while back. One drive in an Evo and I sold both of them and never looked back. Both of them would get slaughtered on a track by a bone stock evo.

BTW, a stock Evo IX will run the nurburgring in an 8:11s. And that was on a wet track. The video is amazing (Best Motoring TV show). Imagine it with an easy 100hp upgrade. Thats always fun to bring up at the pits when you're hanging out with the supercar crowd ;-)

I've driven many 911s (997S, GT3, 996TT) and almost every BMW M car. As a former Porsche abd BMW fanatic, I can say without a doubt the Evo is the most impressive car I've ever driven.

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I actually don't have an elise. I'm a part of the forum because I'm a huge fan of the car. I do hope to own one eventually, but there's prolly gunna be another car along the way (hence the poll). 45k+ is a pretty big investment (as is 35k lol, but 10k is a big thing), so I'll wait until buying one won't place a stress on finances. It's also a very delicate car, and I don't think I'm ready for the mental stress of owning one and worrying whether or not the next drive is going to chip the paint due to rocks/debris.

Anyway, seems like the Evo is winning this debate, so I'll reveal my hesitations about it. The thing is, I've heard horror stories about mechanical issues with the Evos. Not particularly the Evo IX, but the VIII has apparently had many issues with reliability. I love the fact that it: 1) is AWD 2) is able 2 seat four, and 3) has massive power/accel. but the last thing I want is for something to go wrong on the way to work and be stranded with a car that USED to be able to go 0-60 in 4.5 sec. The Honda has a great history of building reliable engines, and its transmission is just plain awesome. I've yet to test drive an evo, so I really can't say anything about its drivetrain. Dunno, tougher call then I thought it'd be. I'm leaning 60/40 towards the Evo, but I'm waiting till the test drive to make a judgement.
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I followed the Evo boards while I had my Evo (way different crowd than here!) and I don't think that you ahve anything to worry about. The only real issue is that the stock clutch doesn't stand up well if you mod the hell out of the engine, but then again who would expect it to? If you keep it stock or lightly tweak it they have proven to be very strong cars. That engine has been around for years and you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Go drive it. You'll love it.
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no comparison. apples and oranges.
maybe im biased, but y'all can have the s2k's and all ur miatas while were at it.
i dont think the s2k would touch the evo anywhere anyhow. the evo is very easy to mod too.
i think the evo is underrated by many folks on this board. dont know why. maybe cause its not a little 2 seater convertible thats too heavy anyway.

C6 ZO6.


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This isn't even close IMO.
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Evo Magazine 2.06 issue

THe Evo MR demolishes the C4 Porsche and the latest V8 S 4 Audi in a head to head test in the February issue of Evo Magazine.

Everything that has been said about it here, I have experienced in my 50k miles with my EVO VIII.
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Why hasn't anyone suggested a preowned Elise for $35K?
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Living in Florida I would take the topless s2000. I just love driving without the roof in the elise. If you are driving for fun at the track who really cares if one is 2 seconds faster than another, really. Plus the s2000 looks so much better. And the s2000 has that awesome shifter!

2005 Lotus Elise, Starlight Black, Touring, Porterfield R4, 4Tress Harness Bar w/Schroth 4 pt, Braille B2015, 15k miles, Now with LSS! <-- SOLD
2006 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6, 12k miles, 7 seats, 20.9 avg mpg
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As a previous owner of an S2K I would have to tell you to go for the Evo!

I love the S2000....I think it is a great car. There is just something about the Evo though. I have never driven one, but everything you read about it
says it is just one hell of a machine.
Take it from all of the horses mouths here. I don't think there has been one
bad thing said about it.
The Evo would definitely be the better everyday car. The S2000 really is
pretty impracatable even though it is more luxurious (???) than the Elise.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Evo.
Man...I need to go test drive one of them.

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2000 S2000.......Traded
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Wait for the next generation Evo, now that's bad-ass!

Spec Miata #73
Reynard F2000
various Hondas
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Next gen Evo won't get a manual transmission (but then again, that's what they said with the BMW M5), and that's a big thing to me. Flappy paddle gearboxes are just fine and all, but imo it removes all the tactile fun from driving. Hence why I'm trying to get the IX The more I read, the more the Evo wins out on the S2000.

As far as the "there's no comparison" remark, I never said they were 'alike.' They are totally different machines, but I'm trying to choose on the basis of 'fun factor,' not track dominance (although they are often one and the same). The Elise is nothing like the Z06 but I would have to go out on a limb and say they are BOTH a blast to drive.

Lemme add another dimension: Everyday livability. The S2000 isn't too hard to park, it's mileage is pretty commendable (when you take it easy that is), but the view is kinda weird (imo) from the driver's seat; the seat is so low that it's very hard to even rest my arm on the window sill. Not much room inside for random storage items, etc. Any qualms like that from the Evo owners out there?
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Originally Posted by EldersburgElise
Why hasn't anyone suggested a preowned Elise for $35K?
You just did.

I agree, a used one with some miles could be had for close to that price, maybe he just wants something a little more cushy.
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Originally Posted by Varien
Next gen Evo won't get a manual transmission
Not according to Mitsubishi. They have said in a number of interviews that the sequential tranny will be an option on certain evo models alongside the standard 5 or 6-speeds. I assume that it will be an MR-only option at first, but maybe they'll offer it as an optional tranny on all Evo models to increase the potential market.
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What is impractical about the S2000? It is a perfectly acceptable now and then track car, not as much fun as the Elise. The top works better. The ride is not punishing. It has cupholders. The lines are pretty. It is bullet proof reliable. You can fit golf clubs in the trunk. I don't get it.
There is a low milage one for 22K on the Motorcars of Georgia website right now.
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