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justinhl 03-10-2018 09:09 AM

2016 Exomotive Exocet Race Turbo, Trade for Elise
Looking to possibly trade the car below for an Elise. Cash could be added on top for the right car. I'm located in Southern California. Pictures are located at this link: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/ws...482830530.html

Give me a call or text if interested! (248) 595-3200

Looking to potentially sell my 2016 Exomotive Exocet Turbo. If you unfamiliar, an Exocet is a kit car, loosely based on a Miata platform. This particular one was built in 2016, and is frame #230 (they haven't even made 300 of these - they're unique). Donor car was a 1994 Miata w/69000 miles that has since been heavily modified. Car is street legal (see registration status, below), and is absurdly fast. By far the fastest car I've owned. Power to weight ratio better than most supercars (275 hp @ crank, 1600 lbs), for <10% of the price

No, this is not an Ariel Atom or Polaris Slingshot, however you will be asked that at least once a day. Other questions include: what's the top speed?, and my favorite: can I have a ride?

Here are a bunch of details about the car, broken down by area:

-2016 Exomotive Exocet Race Chassis (includes the overhead tubes, additional support tubes to the roll hoop, etc.)
-Professionally powdercoated with RAL2008 color, similar to KTM Orange. Powdercoat still in excellent condition
-Welded in steel floors for added protection
-Flyin' Miata additional front side panels. Great for keeping rocks/water off your pants while driving
-Tailights typically used on trailers, but look super badass at night
-Aftermarket black aluminum wheels (unsure of brand - was on donor car)
-Tires ~75% tread remaining
-Exomotive rear wing mounts with Megan Racing Aluminum dual plane wing

-Corbeau fixed back race seats on fore/aft adjustable sliders
-Racequip 5 point harnesses, SFI legal
-Color-matched transmission tunnel cover and floors
-Grip tape on floors (can easily be carpeted if you'd like)
-Aftermarket short throw shifter
-Stock gauge cluster with Exomotive cluster cover gel coated gloss black
-Authentic Momo Prototipo steering wheel

-1994 Miata 1.8L block w/forged internals, stock head
-Flyin' Miata Turbo setup w/DIYAutoTune ECU. Running ~14.5 lbs of boost
-Dyno'd at 227 HP at the wheels (weighs ~1600 lbs!)
-Aftermarket aluminum radiator and air/air intercooler
-Flyin' Miata stainless steel turbo exhaust. Removed muffler but kept resonator. Sounds really good but not too loud.
-Allstar Motorsports oil vapor catch can

-Raceland coilers with dual rate option, all four corners
-Flyin' Miata front and rear swaybars
-Original manual steering rack (not converted from power)
-Recent alignment

In California, cars sold by non-major manufactures or built by yourself can be registered under a law called SB100. I am halfway through this registration process, however it is still registered as a Miata. This is 100% legal to drive on the street. I've been pulled over a few times (plus followed by cops clearly running plates) without this being an issue. I have a signed inspection form from the CHP saying the car is legal (and will obviously sell that with the car). The next steps to complete the registration is to go to the BAR, then the DMV to get a new plate. I have not done that yet, as I am using up the Miata registration time.

Known minor faults:
-Tachometer does not work. Should be an easy fix with wiring to the ECU, but have not dug into it much
-Minor cracking on nosepiece fiberglass due to a low speed fender bender. Can easily be patched or replaced, Hard to see unless you're looking for it though.

Price is somewhat firm - not desperate to sell. Happy to take offers though.

Car is located in Gardena/Hawthorne, CA.

oldmansan 03-10-2018 04:52 PM

Please post photos here to comply with Marketplace rules. Thanks.


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