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Once you know where it(they) are, you can access the bolt(s) by feel with a socket on a 12" extension to push the hoses & wires out of the way. No need to assume the position.

We G-car folks get to find 4 of 'em
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Found the bolt. In the process of working the cover out, I found out why someone said this was easier done before the windshield was installed. CRACK, from the pressure of the binnacle cover my windshield is now broken. Ugh. Not good news but my windshield already had a couple less than perfect marks so not end of the world. Install looks like any other automotive windshield so now its just a matter of getting one here.

Altogether this is going to be an expensive clock repair.

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Hey Awesome picture to describe my feelings on the " Posistion"

But uh hay man. Car salesman.... Dude it shouldnt have broken like that If it was all dinged up maybe it was a cheapo windshield. I dunno who makes em but I have had some nasty sized insects hit mine along with some... ROCKS!!! ( W0nt rant here.) but mine looks good as replaced. Mine is new due to a crack from some mistake or another the P/O had done.

Edit: I mean the P/O replaced it just a few months before I got it.

1990 SE.

Mod's: BPV capsule & throttle jack delete with all the vac lines shortened to the source and capped.
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Knn washable filter.

Last edited by Roboto Esprit; 09-04-2017 at 07:44 AM. Reason: Made it look like the P/O was being blamed.
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Sorry to hear that Don...If you need any leather work on the dash, now would be the time to do it.

1995 S4s
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Finally getting around to finishing this up. I got the new windshield from the usual suspects, including the attaching parts. Local installer came to the house to remove the old windshield so I could complete the binnacle work.

With the windshield and binnacle cover removed, I could see a lot of problems to fix. Of course I had to repair the clock housing, thats why this venture started. There were multiple fasteners that had fallen off, and were rattling around in there. I secured everything with wire ties. I know trying to eliminate rattles and squeaks on an Esprit is a losing battle but I got rid of a bunch.

All the duct hoses run up through there, but they are not fastened to anything. You know that itching squeak sound they all make? Its those hoses rubbing against each other. I wrapped them with a towel where they go down into the dash, so I don't have the plastic hose rubbing against the dash leather. The duct hoses are now fastened securely, not just hanging loose.

Both of the vent hoses had fallen off from the inside which is why I didn't get any a/c out of the binnacle vents. I reattached those and put wire ties on to keep them tight.

I got rid of the air bag light bulb. Even though I have the 2 ohm resistor in place, the air bag light was always on.

Reinstalling the binnacle cover, I found there was a squeak between the cover and the front wood grain plastic piece. Basically any time that leather touches another surface it will eventually make a sound. I made spacers out of thin velcro (the fuzzy carpet side, not the hook side), to keep the leather from touching.

The hardest part was getting that damn bolt reinstalled. At least I know where to find it again!

If you ever have to remove the binnnacle cover, once you get the bolts off, the trick is to rotate it around toward the center of the car. You can't just spread it apart and lift over the top, thats how I broke the windshield.

Some pictures here may be useful for the next person to see what it looks like with the cover and windshield out of the way, and changes I made to secure everything. There is nothing loose now, all the pieces are wire tied to something metal.
Attached Images

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More pictures
Attached Images

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Tidy! We like tidy!! I did similar, lots of wire ties and some thought towards organization. I pays back dividends if you ever have to go back in there too!
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On my '89 non-SE the entire binnacle pod must come off to do any work. There is no separate cover removal possible. The binnacle is held on by four bolts. Those have to be removed and then the various electrical connectors, etc. need to be disconnected. Then the binnacle can be lifted out of the car and placed on a bench and whatever work necessary can be commenced. One thing I always do when removing the binnacle is to remove the steering wheel first. Makes everything much easier.


Tom Mieczkowski
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Thanks for the pics, Don. @JennasEspritTurbo would have installed the new glass for you, for cheap!

Tom mieczkow's comments apply to the non-airbag (aka non-SIR) cars only.

And, since the non-SIR cars don't have face level binnacle vents, I wonder where MY dashboard squeak is coming from? I DO have extra towels and zip-ties in the garage, just waiting for the answer....

Atwell Haines
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Just reading your binnacle removal process. Mine is ready to be removed. I've been struggling to get it off and moved it to the right. Do I need to spread to sides of the binnacle out, lift the binnacle straight up say 3" and than move the binnacle to the right side of the dash? I'm fearful of getting to close to the windshield.
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I just put mine back on today. There are a couple of screws on the bottom of each corner closest to the steering wheel. Once those are removed, spread the bottom of the binnacle apart (it's fiberglass so it won't easily break) and lift upwards. There is a hose to the left vent that needs to be removed once you can reach it (mine just pulled off; no clamps or anything). Then rotate the binnacle towards the passenger side of the vehicle. I've bumped the windshield several times with nothing bad happening; however, my binnacle doesn't have an alarm LED sticking on top of it which might cause the windshield to crack if you strike the bulb against it. I also suggest using a low-adhesive painter's tape (do not use if you are afraid of leather paint pulling up when you remove it) to avoid scratching or scuffing. Be especially careful to protect the walnut & mahogany veneers which easily crack and chip. See some pics below for reference.
Attached Images

Jim S.
1995 Esprit S4s
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I succeeded in the removal of the binnacle and the Speedo and no one even got hurt.👍Now I'll ship the Speedo to the repair shop. Thank you all for your input and advice on this fine venture.
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Removal tip:

When removing the binnacle, cut up some cardboard squares, use some double sided tape, and affix them to the metal tabs. That way when you move the binnacle around to remove it, the metal tabs won’t scratch the leather.


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Are you referring to the metal tabs on either side of the dash where the binnacle attaches to?
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