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Every year dealer visit...

I own a 2012 IPS N/A Evora, bought in 2013, with 4K miles on it. Every year I have to flat bed it to closest dealer (MASS.) in the spring usually. I now have 46K on it and waiting for it's return from MASS. Has anybody gone more than 2 years without some gremlin taking over your Lotus? I keep the maintenace up, services are done per manual, just wishing I could take a trip in her and not worry...
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I used to worry about long trips as well. I have a 2013 N/A IPS that I bought new in 2013. I used to live in WI and I was hesitant to visit a friend down in TN. Each way, the trip is 730 miles. Admittedly, it was on my first trip that I had an issue with cold starts, but the air is thinner in the mountains and Iím sure I got some less than awesome fuel at the stations along the way, but Iíve gotten use to the cold start issue since then.

My car has never failed me in my 5+ years of ownership. Sheís always started and always continued to run. My transmission needs to be looked at for some rough downshifts at the moment, but the issue doesnít affect the drivability of the car. Iíve taken the trip down to TN and back several times and the car is awesome and Iíve never had a car leave me feeling so good after a 12 hour drive. The seats are just that comfortable. Honestly, this car is born to be a GT car and it sure is for me. Itís great on roads like the tail of the dragon, but soaking up miles on a road trip are what make this car so good.

Sure, if something goes wrong on a trip and it needs to towed to a dealer, that could get costly, especially if itís several hundred miles away. But there arenít many stories of these things leaving people stranded on the side of the road, especially without any warning. Just keep a rope plug kit in the trunk with an air compressor, your tow hook, your wheel bolt adapter, and the number for AAA ( or similar service) and enjoy the drive! Youíll be thankful you did.

2013 Evora IPS - Carbon Gray
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I’m road tripping my car for the first time this week. Admittedly I’m pretty nervous about it. I’m taking my cables, air compressor, tire weld, and extra coolant. All that for 600 miles round trip.

Am I a “nervous Nellie” or what?
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I've taken my 2011 6 Speed NA Evora on several 1000 plus mile trips and Never had a single problem.
Enjoy your trip, and don't worry about the car, it's Toyota running gear.
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I'm guessing you don't drive the car in the winter? That's probably where your issues come from.

Incase I'm asking for help with something: 2011 Evora N/A C/R 6sp with BOE TVS 1900 S/C kit
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Mine was at that Dealership last week getting some mods done and while it was there had the 1,000 mile service done. Only issue I have had since buying a few months ago was trunk release not working very well, they did find the issue and fixed that and everything else checked out fine. I plan on taking a few multi day rallies in this car so hoping maybe the new newer ones have less bugs? And at least dealership only about 45 minutes from me and have back up fun car for when it's in shop

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I don't want to jinx myself, but my 400 has been remarkably unremarkable on road trips. Just get in, fill up the tank, and go. The tire pressure monitor display is a great feature, it never overheats, the A/C works fantastic even on 100+ degree days. It even has great ground clearance for getting into awkwardly angled parking lots.

But . . . I've only had mine for a year and 5k miles. It will probably catch fire next time I take it out.
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MY12 - all my glitches happened in the 5000 miles, after that, never any problems, and I drove it year round. This does not take the 'fuel injector wire eating mouse' into consideration. The 400 had a Trans glitch early but has not returned.

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'17 400.

My first drive was from Auto Europe in Detroit to Nashville with a detour in Ky for some back roads, about 800 in two days miles. I've since driven from Nash to LOG38 in Cleveland and home again. Both of those were humps done in one day, can't recall the distances, but over 600 miles each way plus local mileage in between.

We're doing a Civil War battlefield cruise in 2 weeks that will take us around the south and then on to NOLA. I haven't mapped it out yet but pretty sure it will be over 1500 miles out and back, probably well over.

Marvelous car for a road trip if you pack right and want to enjoy your car along the way.
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'17 Evora 400 MT
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Well I feel better about it after reading the posts. I’m headed from Vegas to Phoenix which is about 270 miles give or take. Actually I’m looking forward to it. I suppose I just want to take it on the road clear my head a bit and hopefully with a nice traveling companion 🙂
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During the PNW warm weather months June-Sept, I make at least 2 trips a month from Seattle to our summer place out in Lake Chelan, WA. Not super long but each way is about a 3hr trip through two mountain passes. No issues as far as getting there and back over the past few summers in my '11. Haven't been stranded yet.

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In August I bought my 2012 Evora S in Scottsdale, AZ w/ 21,000 miles on it. I then drove it into the California desert, went north, got on Route 66 east of Needles, and drove it all the way to the deep south via the Grand Canyon & northern New Mexico. (PS: do not miss the Unser Racing Museum in Albeqerque. sp?) 3 months later I drove it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean when attending the Daytona 24. In all of that 7,000 + miles, I've never had a single reliability issue, nor has the car overheated or burned/leaked a drop of oil. I have had window regulator issues and continue to have a very noisy wiper motor, which is a PITA to get at and a PITA to get a replacement for.

I continue to be dazzled by the Evora as a reliable, comfortable & (relatively) spacious long-distance car and as a canyon carver. Just fantastic!
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Between my 05 Elise, 10 Evora and 11 Evora S < i have 75K + miles on Lotus cars. I have never had a break down or tow needed....NUff said. oh and those cars had 100+ tracks days between them.
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Almost 8 years with my 2011, and to date I have only had some minor quirks. Granted I only have 13K miles on it. But, its never not started, never broke down, never had to be towed and never left me stranded. Of course, I am anal with how its kept and maintained. And, I've never even driven it in the rain.

My only regular concern is getting a flat far from home. Really more of a hassle than anything else, but I carry 2 tire repair kits, a good mini compressor and my AAA Premium card (200 mile tow) just in case. If that doesn't get me home, I'll ask my brother to bring my enclosed trailer to get it

I do take it once a year to the dealer for a fluid change (whatever is due around that time) just so I can maintain a relationship with them in case something major does go wrong or something breaks that I can't fix.
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Can we now dismiss the "Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious" tagline?
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I did a 450 mile round trip in mine last summer. It was really hot and I experienced the clutch pedal nearly dropping to the floor after 3+ hours on the highway, but again it was really hot and I’ve not done a fluid change. That said, the clutch still actually worked and shifted fine, just felt really bad and gave me a scare (13k on the car)

2011 Aspen White Evora N/A
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I've got a 2014 S with 15K miles. I drove it 280 miles on Tuesday, another 300 yesterday (in the rain). Wipers, defrosters, seat heaters, lights - basically all the accessories running the whole time. Not a single issue. Just fill 'er up and do it again.

PS. The Michelin PS4s is a great rain tire.
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Originally Posted by Intern8tion9l View Post
I did a 450 mile round trip in mine last summer. It was really hot and I experienced the clutch pedal nearly dropping to the floor after 3+ hours on the highway, but again it was really hot and I’ve not done a fluid change. That said, the clutch still actually worked and shifted fine, just felt really bad and gave me a scare (13k on the car)
That’s the one thing I’m afraid of more than anything else &#x1f61e;
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I bought my 2010 sight unseen in Boca Raton Florida, then drove it to Dallas TX in two days. I drove through 6 rain storms and it only had three issues. One was one that it had when I bought the car (SRS light on), the A/C was weak (found out it was a stuck TXV and was a $0 fix), and the check engine light was caused by the Radium intake.

I owned that car almost 2 years and put 12k miles on it, all I did really were mods and deferred maintenance related repairs. I did all the work myself, and never batted an eye to jumping in it and driving 6-15 hours. It did the trip home, a weekend jaunt through the Ozarks, the Tail of the Dragon, and countless other trips, without EVER needing towed or assisted.

Quirky, with questionable design and build choices? Because Lotus. Reliable? Definitely.
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Bought our car new. Drove our '12 N/A IPS 2+0 (currently 40K+ miles) on many extensive road trips, and that was prior to a new engine wiring harness. We had problems a few times (CELs. etc.) but always made the trips OK. Since the wiring harness it runs without issue.

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