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A Word from Management/Forum Rules.

Choosing a User Name

No obscene, offensive or profane names are permitted. Whether or not a User Name is offensive or obscene will be determined by the Administrators and/or Moderators. You may NOT register using the name of a business or web site unless your intent is to become a paying sponsor. If you choose a commercial name, you must immediately contact [email protected] and sign up to become a sponsor. They will explain the many benefits of becoming a sponsor.

Commercial Advertising

If you would like to advertise a Lotus-related product, you must be a paying sponsor. ‘Advertise’ is defined as any mention of your product or business name in your User Name, User Title, Avatar, Signature or on your Profile Page. If you are interested in advertising on the site including banner ads or putting links in your profile, you must contact [email protected] to be set up as a supporting vendor. Exceptions to the rule will only be made at an Administrator's discretion. Exceptions are rare, do not assume you are one. If you are interested in developing parts for Lotus cars, please contact an Administrator for permission to post. Those who develop and sell Lotus products are a positive for the community and should also be supported. On the other hand, there are some limits. Constant repetitive posting is not adding to the forum and will be dealt with. Slamming a competitor may also require intervention.


Although the Administrators and Moderators of Lotus Talk will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review every post. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Lotus Talk, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws. The owners of Lotus Talk reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

Mission Statement

Let us first state what we see as the "mission statement" of Lotus Talk. It is a community forum with the following goals; 1) allow members to discuss their Lotus cars and more 2) store information and develop solutions 3) increase understanding and channel information back to Lotus 4) allow community involvement including meets, track days, and more 5) allow vendors to reach the user base and offer solutions 6) to encourage people to develop a community.

Public or Private?

Let's start by going over the idea of a ‘public’ forum. It has been suggested that this is a ‘public’ forum. Well, no....It is not. Just about any forum on the internet is not public in that it is not owned by everyone. It might appear public in that membership is open to just about everyone, but that is the limits of it. Forums are more of a benevolent dictatorship.

The forum is actually private and owned by Autoforums. What this means is that your participation on the forum and the content are subject to our allowing you and your content to exist here. That can sound a lot more heavy handed than it really is. What it does mean, is that we can limit spammers, porn and anything else we feel does not add to the content of the site and does not add to the positive experience of the community. We set the rules and enforce them. Agree or not, we make the final determinations and decisions. The buck stops here.

Censorship vs. Moderation

There is no automatic right to free speech here (nor is there anywhere). You can't yell fire in a theater. You can't post offensively here. You can't attack the other forum members because you disagree with them. Nobody should think they have the right to post anything they want.

The Basic Rules

Personal Attacks- A common thing about online communication is to read into other's posts a perception of being attacked when someone is just disagreeing with you. If the response is to then attack the other person, then the thread turns into a flame war, grudges are made and held and carried over to other threads. Threads become less valuable for research. Other posters become less willing to risk being attacked and will just lurk, post less, or go away. We lose the more valuable members and left only with those that enjoy stirring the flames. The rule is... NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. That is the big one. You can debate the message, but don't make it personal. The distinction should be pretty clear.

Personal information- Personal information will be kept personal. Do not post Private Messages (PM’s) or Emails without the creator's consent.

Spamming and "one trick pony" posters- Don't flood the forum with posts about the same thing. Make your point. Agree or disagree, respond to counterpoints... then move on. If you are here to make one point only, and post after post are about that one point, we will probably remove your posts and limit your posting ability. It does not help the community to have thread after thread hijacked about your pet peeve.

Competing forums- It is not cool to come onto Lotus Talk and post to drive traffic to another Lotus or Elise forum.

Duplicate identities- Not allowed and the user may be banned.

Offensive posts- There are always those shades of gray, but we all need to keep in mind that not all users have the same tolerance and perspective. Our goal is for Lotus Talk to be easy to come to without a fear of opening a thread and seeing something that is not cool to see. We strongly feel that videos or images that are gory have ZERO place on Lotus Talk. Racism? Nope. Nudity? None. Sexually suggestive images may also be removed. The forum exists for many users from all backgrounds. We respect that and ask you to respect our request.

Liability issues- Agree or disagree.... it does not matter. As owners of the forum, we seek to limit our liability. This means discussions about illegal matters and also includes threads about your street racing. Don't post about it here.

Copyright and ownership. By posting anything here, you agree that you have control over the copyright of the material. If ownership of text or images is determined to belong to some other entity and they ask for it to be removed, it will be complied with. Copyright of what you write will always belong to you if you don't knowingly assign it to another person with your informed consent. A forum owner however has legal liability over the contents of his forum - this usually means ownership of the posts - but not necessarily the copyright.

In other words, it is your work, but you assign ownership.

By using this forum, you grant LotusTalk permission to own rights to your publishing, and posting (meaning, by using this forum and submitting any information, you hereby give site owner all rights of your submission and content). By accepting this agreement, you agree all previous submissions made by oneself are owned by site owner.

The Lotustalk Team

What we do want. A community of people that enjoy their cars. That seek to help each other. That may want to share experiences. Maybe even have a chuckle or two.

Thanks for reading.

Edited 1/20/10 by RacyTracy

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There are some very shady dealers in the Lotus business.

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Not the admin anymore
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Well, I don't think there are any unreasonable rules there. I can certainly live within them.....Thanks Randy.
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Can i have the hat?

Sold: Ardent Red, LSS, Touring, Hard Top
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Totally agree. Thanks for the time you put into this forum. Because, honestly, if it weren't for this forum, i probably would have never gotten an elise to begin with for the simple reason of lack of information on the vehicle. Thanks again to Randy and all who make this forum an informative and relaxing place to read and learn about a car we all love. Aaron

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Thanks for all of your hard work! You run a great forum and host a great bunch of people here in your little corner of cyverspace.

Your rules are well thought out and should be acceptable to everyone.

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I was just thinking that it might be a good time for a clarification of the forum rules

Providing an opportunity for others to live vicariously through me since 2004
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Great post, thank you!

Find me in the fields of Elysium.
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To Randy and all the moderators, my hat off to you guys for a job well done.

Well I don't wear hats either but you guys rule! and I do appreciate your hard work.

I hope I never be one that will make you go through extra efforts.

Edit: I would suggest this being a sticky thread.

05 Elise Racing Green/Red, Touring, Hardtop, StarShield
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Originally Posted by 008
Can i have the hat?
I think the mods should split it.
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about the multiple identities thing - hopefully the medication will kick in soon...until then please bear with us - I mean me
Definitely elise talk has become a less "friendly" place than it used to be which is probably hard to avoid given the increase in members...but I think your rules and guidelines are totally appropriate...
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Thank you Randy.

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Right on Randy!
Great rules, I completely agree.

My daily driver is an orange plastic toaster
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Dear Benevolent Dictator,

Your rules suck and so do you.


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Originally Posted by zOOmz
Can I be a black sheep too? If I'm a follower, am I still technically a black sheep?

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Most Excellent !

Covered in Brandy and Lard
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Too many rules! I'm selling my car and I want my ET subscription refunded immedately!

But really...this makes good sense...Thanks Randy

Dan Parker
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Timely. Thanks, Randy.
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Originally Posted by transio
Can I be a black sheep too? If I'm a follower, am I still technically a black sheep?
No, then you are called a troublemaker.
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Spot on. Keep the good work going, we really love this forum.

Originally Posted by Randy Chase
Commercial Advertising. [snip]...or how hot females in your area want to hook up.
I'll take care of any of those messages if you like.
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IMO, you've struck a great balance.
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