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BRGLotus 12-08-2017 05:20 PM

Door lock problems - Can’t open
Helping a friend with a ‘11 Elise SC

Fob releases lock with little silver plunger going up and down but door won’t open.
Looked through the threads and didn’t find anything

Elise had a dead battery for a few months with the doors locked
Couldn’t turn the key when in the locks (either side)

I connected a battery booster/charger box for power
Alarm light came on (flashing) with alarm sounding (trunk open)
Using the fob raised and lowered the silver plunger and made the lock thunking noise

However, with the Elise appearing to be unlocked, the door wouldn’t open.
There was no resistance when depressing the door button.
And the door wouldn’t open

Left the charger connected for about 20min and tried again
Same issue.
Locks seemed to open and close but couldn’t open the door.

Not sure why the electrical deadlock would work but not the mechanical door mechanism.

Any ideas?

glb 12-08-2017 05:28 PM

I'd bet that the doors were locked with the key and you need to lube and wiggle (the key).

Is car outside, i.e. could locks have frozen due to cold? (Kingston is a lot of places...)

NOTE: Electric locks and mechanical locks are two SEPARATE systems, i.e. unconnected.

Would write more, but out of i.es....

Michael Z 12-08-2017 05:35 PM

quick answer, GLB - yes, be sure the mechanical deadbolt is unlocked so the electric can disarm the door. (thanks Chicago valet for the situational knowledge...)

Pengineer91 12-09-2017 06:07 PM

The mechanical mechanism to open the door is engaged (i.e. works) when the key slot is horizontal. If the key slot in vertical, the door button is disengaged.

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