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Advice for New Owners

Original thread located here-

I just thought those who have their cars could have some advice to those who are about to pick their up.

Here's some of mine:

1) Be careful when you let go of your seat belt. It's possible it could scratch parts of the door's paint section.

2) Be careful when you get in an out of the car. Your shoes can scuff or scratch the paint or leather trim.

3) Work on a technique to get in and out of the car. Eventually, your muslces will strengthen and getting in and out will be easier.

4) Brake lights don't light up immediately when you press them. The dealer can make adjustments.

5) Watch out for blind spots due to the roll bar. If you turn your head, you should be able to see past the blind spot.

6) The Elise has a short wheel base and little steering inputs translates to large directional changes. The Elise steers very quickly.

7) When you open the trunk, watch out for belt buckles which may scratch the rear clam shell. Watch the key and key chain because it could scratch the deck lid.

8) Don't leave your key in the ignition or leave it in th accessory position for too long. It may drain the battery.

9) Take step inclines or speed bumps either slowly or at an angle. If you scratch the clam shell, it could be very costly.

10) It may take some time to get use to your point of view, especially when pulling up to larger cars in traffic.

That's all I could think of for now.
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Also practice putting the softtop on two or three times until you can do it in only a few seconds and make sure that you never leave the keys in the trunk, since there is no interior trunk release.

Never use the windshield as a brace to get in or out of the car and adjust your mirrors before driving off in the car, since the visabilty is a lot less than you are used to.

Wear narrow shoes so you get used to the pedal placement instead of wearing sneakers which might cause you to step and the gas and brake at the same time.
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You should also get into a habit of using the engine cover support rod since lifting the lid too far can cause the cover to hit the rear clam. for saying you can open the lid too much...
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I've got a couple to add.

1) If you do not drive your car for 4-5 days you might want to put a battery tender on your batt. Mine was flat dead after 6 days in the garage.

2) If you have LSS and you are on a cold street, don't assume you have tons of grip. (unless of course you know they are really warmed up)

3) Don't hurry when you are around the car. I shut the gas door on the gas cap and drove about 1 mile before I realized it. The slight abrasion from the cap buffed out fully but it did happen because I was just wanting back in the seat so bad.

4) Make sure loose items are secure. Putting a garage door opener or a cell phone in the little rubber cubbies doesn't mean they are going to stay. This car can really put some g's! I got a nose bleed from the brakes once!

5) If you do lock yourself in the trunk, just pull the handle and all will be well.

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Originally posted by MOKOSpeeD
Isn't there a certain way you're supposed to hold the gas pump when filling up to prevent scratches or overfilling?
My method has been to carry a soft rag with me in the car and put it in between the handle of the fuel nozzle and the car. It's fine on some nozzles, but on others the handle will rest on your car and scratch the paint. I've also made a habit of using the same rag on the tip of the fuel nozzle when removing it to avoid letting excess fuel drip on the paint.
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Idling. The Elise's ECU needs to "learn" the atmosphere. So, you should let the engine idle (about 10 to 15 seconds) when you start and stop the engine.

This helps reduce or eliminate an unstable idle because the engine learns how to adjust to standing still (as opposed to being in the driving rpm range).
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Until the car is warmed up the red shift light has a lower RPM limit (varies 5000-6000 RPM) for each gear. So try not operate the engine at RPMs higher than when the light comes on. This will restrict operation into the second cam.

I would not get into the second cam until at normal operational temperature which seems to be 186 degress in my car with ambient temps in the 40s and 50s.

It is easier getting in/out of the car by places the seat all the way back. First time I have ever had to do that. Passenger seat is fixed all the way back already.
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I love my new Elise. Tips for new owners include using the space between the left rear corner of the driver's seat and the bulkhead as a substitute cup holder. It works GREAT!

The sunshades are a pain, but useful.

Gently press the engine cover lid down at the lock to latch it; don't slam it.

Reiterating an earlier comment: MOVE SLOWLY AROUND THE CAR when getting in or out of it to avoid unnecessary scratches.

Don't get wax on ANYTHING BLACK; it may be there forever.
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Do not wash the car with the nose pointing in an upward position such as an inclined driveway. This will cause the water to run in to the rear storage area. I washed it again with the nose pointing down and had no problems.
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