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dacarrier 09-20-2015 02:42 PM

Fan Speed Irregularity
Fan speeds 1 (low) and 2 (med) run just fine but the minute I switch it to 3 (high), it slows down significantly and hardly seems to be moving any air. My first thought was maybe the heat load was too high (I live in southern Mississippi) but I've tried it on 55deg mornings and have had little luck getting it to come on.

Each speed worked great about a week ago and one day going to start the car in the morning it wouldn't kick on. Anyone have any insight? Low/med speeds blow cold air just fine so I'm at a bit of a loss. Same issue occurs when trying to run the heater. Thanks in advance.

kfennell 09-20-2015 03:16 PM

Your resistor for high speed has corroded out and failed. You will need to just use 2, pull the clam and condensing unit and replace them, or reach in through the drivers footwell, cut a hole, and bypass the resistor pack all together so you are always on high. Search the forums and you will find threads on all three options. Mine just did the same thing so I will pull the clam this winter and the hvac unit and replace the resistors (while moving them somewhere easier to work on them).

sturgeongeneral 09-21-2015 08:37 AM

Unfortunately it sounds like the resistor pack needs to be replaced.

Doge 09-21-2015 08:45 AM

Search resistor pack on here. TONS of threads on it!

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