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Things are worth what people will pay for them, and the more rare, the more they pay. I say he's good at $62K, someone will gladly pay it at some point .

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Disregarding everything else that's already been mentioned, I think the car is priced correctly since it is a rare/desirable color and very clean.

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I paid a bit more than I thought I should because I knew the car
was well taken care of, totally stock, never tracked, and
its quality was verified/vouched for by a well known consignment agent who regularly
sells Lotus cars.

Sometimes it feels better to pay a bit more because you have a better
feeling about the quality and trustworthiness of the seller.

BTW: 'Buyer Beware' or Caveat emptor (in Latin) is a disclaimer of warranty which
is contained in the sales contract. You didn't form a contract so the phrase is
irrelevant in this context.

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I'm impressed with the amount of detail the seller responded with. That level of disclosure from a dealer is off the charts.
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Completely disagree with the OP. D&M has every right to do what there doing. I was also impressed with the amount of info they shared in response to the OP's question.

I can also personally vouch for D&M as I bought my '06 Exige from them in late 2015. They were very good to deal with and the car was immaculate and exactly as described. Agree with others, "seller beware" is completely misleading as a title.
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As someone pointed out - a car is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. There are not a lot of S240's out there to begin with so that is of course going to make it worth more. If the buyer wants to spend in the mid 50's he should be able to get a very fine Lotus Exige for that kind of money. I know of two Exige's for sale right now for under $40,000 with less than 30k miles. Buy one of those and take it to BOE Fabrication and toss them $15,000 and I assure you that you'd walk out of there with a hell of a lot faster car than a stock S240 and still only have $55k in it. Now that's all fine if you want to buy one to drive and keep - if you're trying to find a collector's item like an S240 or S260 -- well then you'll have to either pony up whatever people are asking for them or roll the dice and hope they come down in value a little more before they start going up in value.
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I thought this was going to be like

Seller is selling car for X dollars... hiding the fact that the frame is damaged and seller is selling it off as new.

.. but I'm pleased to see its just penny pinching and the car is okay.
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To the OP, I will sell you my stock no stories well cared for S220 for $65k.

Edit: just drove it 60 miles today and I changed my mind. $85k and it's yours!

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This thread needs to be closed. It should be filed under "Who Cares"
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One thing I agree with the OP on "Also D&M because I know you're reading this. It's some free advertising for you. Good or bad right!"
Nice work advertising for someone who seems like a respectable seller.

In all seriousness, I'm thinking we should start a thread of crappy buyers to "Beware" so that members who are looking to sell their cars know not to waste their time on the habitual . . . bitchuals.
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In defense of the OP...

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Someone should let OP know that there's another person on the forum trying to sell a super clean 07 Exige S for $60k! Call the Kremlin!
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This is a funny thread. Some of you make me laugh.

Loved the correlation to WTB threads. Good work.
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Why is it outrageous to pay that much? Its a matter of supply and demand. If you have an issue with price buy and elise and supercharge it. I would not take less than 65k for my 2008 Exige S Club Racer...and its way beyond an s240 now.
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Scott M
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Glad I caught this early-on as that OP content was indeed 'interesting' when still available

This reminds me of a thread over on about the Baruth opinion piece in R&T. Why? He's suggesting dealer mark-up is killing the market for the RS. Those high prices in turn depress sales overall and Ford is likely to decide "there's no market for these niche vehicles." Seems to me like the same basic idea: the car(s) sell for what the value is. MSRP doesn't mean much; what it sold for a week, month, or year ago doesn't (necessarily) mean much either.

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Originally Posted by Molez93 View Post
Glad I caught this early-on as that OP content was indeed 'interesting' when still available
Oh, it's still available. Post anything to the internet and it's there to stay.

A quick copy-n-paste of the cached page reveals the original post by F16JerryLewis before he deleted it........
Buyer Beware!!! -Posted by F16JerryLewis on 4/11/2017
I'm sure a lot of you have seen the Persian Blue Exige S240 on eBay and Autotrader from D&M Motorsports in Glen Ellyn Illinois. Here is a guy who paid and spent too much for a car and is now trying to overcharge for a $55,000 car.
From eBay Motors
Action: BuyerBestOffer
Amount: $55,000
Message: As I've seen these Exige's selling in the mid 50's for this year
and model, I'd do 55k all in with an inspection and certification from a
Lotus Dealership. Thanks, and hope we can make a deal for 55k.

Hello Mxxx,

We appreciate the offer, although we turned down $58k from another dealer.
The best price would be $62,000.

Michael Colando Jr.
D&M Motorsports
Office 630.858.8388
Cell 630.669.6668
Glen Ellyn, IL

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your message. Well you should have taken the 58k you were
offered. I see on your website that you sold a orange 08 Exige for
just under 57k with less miles, so why is the blue one so expensive
with so many more miles?


And his reply

Hey Mxxx,

The orange Exige was sold over 2 years ago, I can't control what the
market is today. I bought a 1989 Lamborghini Countach 3 years ago for
$95k and bought the same car back 6 months ago for $280k. The market
changes. As far as what I paid for the car, that is irrelevant. I did
pay $52,500, I also shipped the car enclosed for 1,200, did a complete
brake service. I purchased a new front splitter as the one on the car
had a crack in it, I had the new splitter painted, new battery, I
installed 2 new OEM rear tires, I changed the oil and plugs as the car
sat the last 18 months, I had the headliner professionally repaired as
it was hanging, I had my Detailer's spend 10+ doing a concourse detail
including removing all the wheels and both interior seats. I followed
your post on the forums and as far as the $58k offer, that's from Bill
Nuccio a long time very close friend of mine that you're well aware
of. Let's also not forget that I am a 35 year brick and motor
dealership with a overhead and we are here to make money. This is a
one owner car that needs nothing. I don't doubt there are cars out
there for less money but like myself and Bill Nuccio, we sell perfect
cars and looking for a buyer that appreciates that and doesn't mind
paying a little more for a good one. You're welcome to call me anytime
although you're $55k offer loses me money.

Have a good night.

Michael Colando Jr.
D&M Motorsports
Office 630.858.8388
Cell 630.669.6668
Glen Ellyn, IL

So he spent too much on the car and made a bad business decision and is trying to fix it

I like the irrelevance of the Lamborghini, because that's a different market from Lotus there buddy!

I did a little searching on google for reviews on this stealership and they do have some pretty negative reviews. I think my favorite read was about the Corvette with flood damage they tried to cover up.

Tell you what I'm gonna start investing in Lotus Exiges because they are better than gold and silver!!!

Also D&M because I know you're reading this. It's some free advertising for you. Good or bad right!

08 Exige S240 - Chrome Orange
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Gotta pay to play and silver and gold aren't nearly as fun to drive!

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Will work for tires
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Beating a dead horse at this point.

OP deleted first post and is not responding anymore.

Let this thread be dead.

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I don't under stand the bunny referance

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Originally Posted by richthom View Post
I don't under stand the bunny referance

Pancake Bunny | Know Your Meme


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