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  • pharriso ·
    Hi, can you send me the solution for the dead battery, can't open the trunk issue please... only a matter of time...

    Thx for your public service!
    C8RKS ·
    Hi there. New on the forum and hopefully buying a used Evora on Saturday - test drive booked! Love the "orange" paint on your HVAC controls and just wanted to ask a couple of questions:
    1. Why paint and not say a vinyl wrap?
    2. What type of paint did you use and what prep was needed?

    I knew to making any type of change to cars, but just feels the black interior on the evora I am looking like would be "helped" by a few small touches.

    Thanks for responding and all the best
    2011 chrome orange ·
    Lee, just saw you sent this. I rarely check the pms and messages. Email is much easier for me.
    Anyway, I did ask him to make one up for me but I never heard back from him. Looks like the thread kinda died. I haven't found anywhere that would make up a decent looking small plaque. I'll let you know if I do. Please do the same for me.
    Have a safe and happy holiday season...Chad
    O LEE O ·
    Hey Chad! Hope all is well with you and yours!
    The reason I write is I had some time so I went to check on a request I made to Waynedui for a plaque and went into his profile page. I had posted on 6/28 and now his last activity was on the same day. I then noted that you had visited his profile also. I didn't want to go back and check through the thread but did you request one of these plaques from Wayne? He was supplying them for free so I didn't want to be a pest to him. Hope nothing happened to him but how do we find out? Tell you brother I said hello!
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