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  • N252CE ·
    you may delete the post about the DKC endurance race Friday night.. Had no takers and it's getting too late to enter.. thanks..
    mavila ·
    How do I modify an older post? Such as noting an item has been sold or updating an asking price in the marketplace?
    chieflief ·
    I just bought a lifetime membership. I still can't contribute to any forums! Have tried to contact you twice before and haven't heard anything. Can you let me know what the problem might be?
    komiko ·
    Hey guy - my photo album has been hijacked - some guy named Curtis w/ Arctic Grey Elise apparently. What can I do? I only have two pics to post. Thanks - Matt
    intersec ·
    I'm unable to post ads for my parts. Can you give me instruction on how to do that. I've posted before, but can't seem to do it now.
    cbb ·
    Can you add me to the Carbon One pending orders list?
    Placed order on 3/10/11.
    Was supposed to ship on 7/15/11 for the third time.
    On 7/18/11 I sent him a UPS shipping label because he said he couldn't afford to ship any orders until he received more funds.
    Radium ·
    Good Afternoon.

    Radium Engineering is currently a sponsoring Vendor of LotusTalk Forum.

    We just wanted to let the Admin know that we will be posting a LT Member Group Buy for the month of April 2011 on our Lotus Exige/Elise Fuel Surge Tank Kits.

    Radium Engineering

    Is there any rules or regulations we should know before posting this tomorrow night?

    -Radium Engineering Staff
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