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  • enginetiks ·

    I have a thread posted in the for sale section and I want to edit the original post, but I can not find an option to do so anywhere. Can you please enlighten me on this issue.
    enginetiks ·

    I just wanted to send a message about a for sale post I am trying to make. The first two times I wrote the post the website locked up when I entered submit thread so I just thought it was a website issue. The third time I saw the message waiting for a moderators approval, so I want to apologize for the first two threads as I just thought they were lost due to a website issue. So please disregard the first two attempts and know that I am not purposely trying to spam.

    Scrappie ·
    Could you please change the title of my FS post for me since I can't figure out how to do so?

    I mistakenly listed my elise as saffron Yellow instead of SOLAR yellow yesterday while I was in a hurry to get it posted and realized it afterward.

    Post is:

    FS: 2006 Saffron Yellow Elise, 14K Miles, Sport Pack, Touring Pack. Northwest Indiana

    and should be:

    FS: 2006 Solar Yellow Elise, 14K Miles, Sport Pack, Touring Pack. Northwest Indiana

    Thank you very much!
    scv ·
    A few months ago, I removed my ad or 2012 Motorsport Greeen 6spd S 2=2 for sale. You noted at that time you could repost it for sale if I wanted. If you can, I would appreciate that. Thanks for your help.
    Steve Volk
    Dan in NJ ·
    Morning Aedo,
    I am new to this site but not to the Yahoo board. I own a 1973 Europa TC and am asking about the refurbished wheel picture you posted.
    Did you do the wheel yourself? If so, what procedure did you follow as I have my 4 to do.

    Thanks in advance,
    Dan in NJ
    Captain Zach ·
    Greetings Aedo.

    I would like to post a WTB LSS wheel and Lotus Talk isn't letting me. It is saying I don't have enough privileges when I click "Start a new thread." I saw you were moderating this and was wondering if you could help.

    Aedo ·
    You need to have ten posts to start threads. Comment on a couple of threads in general and you will then be able to create a thread.
    samwillsonbiz ·
    Hi. I frequent the forums, purchased my first Lotus via the selling message boards. I don't have access to start a new thread as I'd like to post my Elise for sale. What do I need to do to access that?
    Aedo ·
    Thanks for the heads up - bit of research identifies them as being in Nigeria. Hope you extract yourself from any transaction.
    Best regards,
    Lelander ·
    Hi There,

    Sorry to bother, but I saw your name while looking up a forum user called iamphil89.

    I'm writing to ask if you've had any contact / dealing with him? If so, please beware; He responded to a parts wanted post of mine and unfortunately it appears that I'm being ripped off.

    Please let me know anything pertinent or if you would like more information from my end.


    [email protected]
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