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  • Doug Porcaro ·
    It appears I can't PM because I'm new probably. I saw your WTB thread and I have a brand new never installed Difflow original three element diffuser with exhaust hole that will be up for sale in a few weeks once I get my new one. I don't want to post any contact info here since this is public, so I guess if you're interested look for it in the For Sale section? Pretty much good for nothing this message is. Oh well, just wanted to let you know.
    Buz ·
    Andy; I am interested! Is the pic one of your seats? I thought they had no Exige script. Mine are 05 black leather with lumbar bladder moved to proper location and 13k miles.
    andy7777 ·
    James, will be shipping mirrors today. Had to go out of town on business Monday and couldn't get it done. Will go out by UPS.

    andy7777 ·
    Burned out after a track season. Great sound but not a long-termer. Got a Tubular GT3 now.

    Thanks for the mirror purchase. No hurry.

    JamesAllen ·
    Thanks Andy. I'll take them. Sending the money shortly.

    How do you like your exhaust? The VF guys are just a few miles from my home...
    JamesAllen ·
    Thanks Andy. You sure you don't want to let them go a touch cheaper? I was hoping $350/shipped, but maybe $375? Any reason you decided to take them off?

    I was just checking out your threads. Beautiful car. I'm also an '05 Nightfall guy, but mine is pretty stock. It was Pig's car (his LT handle) until he sold it to me in early 2007. It's not quite the daily driver, but not a track car or garage queen either.

    jack9148 ·
    Hi Andy,

    i'm in SE MI too, Royal Oak. Where are you located? I'm interested in your wheels. What width are the fronts?

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