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  • JPSEsprit044 ·

    Do you still make the Splitter/protector polycarbonate pieces for the Evora that I read about in the Forum? I would like one for my 2011 Evora N/A please.

    Phil Mitchell
    601 Brighton Dam Road
    Brookeville, MD 20833
    harleyujoe ·
    Hello Don

    Been a while ,But I may be looking for another Evora at end of year.. I do miss the one I had but knowing it needed shift cables and few other items.

    So I may look for a 2012 or 14 and not even sure I will get a S.. I felt the N/A was really enough..

    So do you still have your Evora and are you doing track time ???

    I want to see the new C8 Corvette before I buy a Evora.. ut know the C8 is only automatic and I still enjoy standard
    but at 68 yrs maybe I should think auto..LOL

    Have you driven a automatic Evora and what are your thoughts and experience ???

    Thank You Joe
    Bobsy Racer ·
    Hi Phil,

    Yes, I still have my Orange Evora, as well as the Bobsy race car and Orange Porsche Speedster.

    I have the full 2bular exhaust system, Headers, Downpipe, and Metallic Cat, but have NOT added the BOE CAI. I too was afraid of the Radium CAI, as I worked with VSA who knew the details about the Radium CAI and it's AFR problems. I think that the BOE is fine. My only concerns with it are the added induction noise, and possibly needing a "tune" when used in conjunction with the 2bular exhaust system. As I understand, even Phil at BOE is not sure if that combination will require a tune. Let me know if you find out otherwise. I would like to add the BOE CAI, if for no other reason, to simplify the air filter change/cleaning.

    We're heading off again tomorrow for 5 weeks of skiing, so the Evora is parked until April, even though it is still 75 degrees here-amazing weather, even for sunny SD.

    spunagain ·
    Hi Don
    I hope all is well in sunny California. It has been a while since I have been able to visit and no more trips in sight :(
    Still got the Orange beastie?
    I heard you may have fitted a BOE CAI? IF you have, have you done any dyno plots?

    I am getting the 2bular manifold y pipe an Cat fitted next month and am considering adding the BOE as my confidence in the Radium has been a little knocked by all the posts over the last year or so (but it has been fine with me so far). It would be interesting to see if I would be as well to go back to a stock air box.

    Take care!
    Best Regards
    GuppyCaptain ·

    Well, my car's on order and should arrive in April. My first priority is to get a splitter on it. I know you're no longer dealing with these, but if you aren't selling them then I'm pretty sure I can find someone to cut them. It seems like there's a some demand for them now, so really it'd be great for the Evora community if they were available.

    With that said, I know you have the and have put in a lot of time making it. If I find the source, would you be able to send them the tracing just long enough to have them make one and then send it back to you? Of course, I'd be willing to cover any shipping costs to you.

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