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  • eldonz ·

    Did you get my email about my trip to LOG and Watkins Glenn?

    Looking to try and catch up with you on the 21st or 22nd.

    brgelise ·
    Was wondering about the gas. Filled up at Gulf Sunday PM and tanks were from the Top Gas place. No issues Monday PM. All Gulf Tuesday....hmmmmm
    ryoung99 ·
    I just sent you some photos, if you want the car I will sell it to you for $39,000. That is the KBB trade in value.
    brgelise ·
    Honestly, no. Adding more power to my S will produce little to no gains at the track where heat soak is the enemy. Your car is so damn fast already, ask yourself, what's the limiter-->driver or car? I'd NOT waste that money on the car and get yourself a good instructor to teach you to extract what the car has to offer. Have you ever done a true racing school?? Maybe go to Bondurant seen as Skip is gone.
    JGalt ·
    If the original poster does not take interest in your LSS wheels, I have interest. I'm in southeast Massachusetts and can probably pick-up the wheels from you if they're in Connecticut, as listed on your profile. I will be at Thompson late in September.

    I'm looking for a true set to use on the track. Could you give me a better idea of the aesthetics (and color) and of your asking price?

    Thanks! Marshall
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