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  • boxerman ·
    Gooday Dr

    We will be uploading the data from my car next week, and I should have some feedback for you on what caused the 6500 rpm miss, which I'm betting was the same thing for all of us. Even my friend Bob in his S2 exige said it was off song, did the track sell us bad gas, or was it purely the heat. Lmk if you find anything out in the meantime.

    Also if you have some comentary on my driving it would be much appreciated, and thank you again for the lead follow, imo the best way to learn.

    aterren ·
    I also live in CT (Greenwich) and have an Evora. Would you mind sharing who did your alignment?

    I have been thinking Fairfield Motorsport would be a safe, if rather inconvenient choice.
    brgelise ·
    So far, I have done everything. Intermeccanica has the ability, I just worry about their ability to put all the bolts back on at times!!!
    boxerman ·
    A question
    Who do use use for mechanical work on your evora.
    I'm looking to do the BOE headers on my exige and few other small things.

    ryoung99 ·
    I wish I still owned it, raced it from 2003-2006, then sold it when APBA Offshore lost the TV deal with Speed. No TV, no sponsors, no racing....

    Thank you for the kind words.
    brgelise ·
    Minimal power adder. Gets rid of all the stock airbox crap which makes car easier to work on. Inductive noises are pretty sweet IMHO!
    boxerman ·

    i see you have a BOE CAI on your car. But from reading the exhaustive thread it seems that besides sound there really are no other significant gains on a supercharged car.

    Is that correct.
    brightoncorgi ·
    Thanks. Will do. I started a thread on Facebook Lotus Owners Group that is getting some action as well. It's for my Aston Martin Rapide, but I bought it from Eurocar; a Lotus dealer. They are real slime ball dealership that acts more like a "buy here pay here" low credit dealership than what they promote themselves as being. They already sold my Vantage trade-in and I am with nothing. The Rapide is sitting at the Waltham dealership waiting for me to provide them with a Registration. At least they are not charging me storage...

    boxerman ·
    Yep I have done Skippy single seater 3 day racing 1 at LRP and the advanced racing 2day at the Glenn. Some of us sponsored Elivan in the Krugspeed Exige and he gave us some coaching at MMC afterwards. So yes had some tutorials.

    The two cats in the exhaust manifold are not doing the motor any favors and add to heat soak. Its more a function of optimising whats there. so was wondering what setup you have? Not looking to spend a fortune either, the priority is sorting the suspension. Alex at krugspeed and Elivan have been helping me with this.

    I am down to 2.09 at the glen and 2.37 at mmc. Elivan is 2 secs faster in same car without trying and his comment is the rear is real loose. As it is the rear it at 70% of what the front can do and is still eating tires. .

    So sorting suspesion and as the car is hibernatign for the winter and I have a lift, some headers and a tune makes sense for motor happiness and longevity. The question is whats out there.
    firemedic001918 ·
    Hey. I just got your message. It's been a while since I've logged in since life has been crazy. If you've still got it, I'd love to hear your exhaust sometime.

    brgelise ·
    Yes, I remember now. I have the card and will be in touch if the timing (and health) issues allow. Thanks for remembering!!
    boxerman ·
    I dont know, you wanted my business card and said you were planing a special gift.

    Going to orgaize a track day with Waldir and crew at monticello, if you are inetrested.

    boxerman ·
    Hey Dr John

    Its Sean with the silver elise. You said at the Glenn were going to be in touch about something, but never got the mail.

    BTW just bought at exige v6
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