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  • ocelotspot ·
    Hi Brian I was searching the internet for elise suspension and I came across your thread. I am currently building a Europa with a VW TDI diesel engine with a passat gearbox. Doing this i needed to change the rear suspension. I had Lola T-400 formula ford stuff that I was going to use but came to the conclusion that it was not going to work. After searching the internet for suspension options I finally realized that the Elise rear suspension would be the best solution. So. To the point. There are two things that I need.
    1) The suspension parts
    2) I needed to make a jig. Ummm... do you still have your jigs?
    I was going to put up a post to see if anyone had their car apart so I could use their car to fab up some jigs.
    Would you be interested in selling,renting,loaning yours to me?
    If you could/would that would put my project into warp speed!
    Thanks In advance
    Jason Harvey
    Carbondale, CO
    [email protected]
    970 401-3899
    xxxotic ·
    The cost for the wheel bearing I got was $70 plus $15 shipping. However they may have charged me a little less since they were in the process of moving the warehouse across town and it took them about 2 weeks to get it to me. Dont know where you are, but if you are in FL you can stop by their shop to save on shipping. It is in Longwood FL near Orlando. It is a pain to get it off, we had to use a breaker bar and soak the bolts in penetrating oil for about an hour (changed the oil and bleed the brakes while we were letting it soak it) Tommy C knows a lot about mechanical stuff and had the right tools, so he did it for me.
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