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  • NichyNeato ·
    hey! can i get some more info on the insurance post you made? I've never heard of LTD so the more info i could get, that would be awesome.

    mieczkow ·

    I am fairly far down the road rebuilding an engine from a 1983 G car, a barn find which has sat for 15 years. It's a turbocharged carbureted car. This is my first foray into an engine this old and also my first G engine. I've got a few issues regarding parts for the fuel lines, rebuilding the Delortto carbs, and setting up the distributor. It's enough stuff that it would be tedious to try and write it all out. I would really value getting your opinion and advice on a few things. Would you mind if at your convenience I gave you a call? If that would be ok could you pm me a good number and day/time to contact you?

    Tom Mieczkowski
    ferrari328gt ·
    You mentioned that on Citroen transmission cars, there is a support bracket for the turbocharger. My 1987 G-car doesn't seem to have one, nor can I find it in the parts book. What does the bracket look like on your car? Thanks. -Steve (Ferrari328gt)
    DivorceCPA ·
    Hi! Happy New Year! I was supposed to have Flying Scotsman's FE 2004 over at R S Motorsports for a PPI yesterday but got snowed out. Looking forward to having an Esprit in my garage again.

    Hope all is well by you!
    esprit1010 ·
    Hey Atwell....I know you know your 88s. What do you think about this one on eBay. Really cheap I think at 12,500. Looks like it runs, will need a respray possibly and interior will need some attention.

    Lotus : Esprit Turbo Coupe in Lotus | eBay Motors

    ccb056 ·
    I will be taking the southern rally up to LOG on thursday.
    Could you send me the contact info of people taking the same route, would be nice to drive with other Loti through the twisties. I've got a white M100.

    -Christian and Eddy Borchert
    I know you don't I-- it just dawned on me who you were, my frustrated passenger on thursday --lol -- you were great, i'm sorry if it appeared I wasn't paying attention in those curves and looking further down the track to set car up for next curve & not on the gas enough after leaving the apex. I'm almost always very technical & very analytical in everything I do, to the point of boring, & want to learn something to be technically perfect, but can't seem to walk & chew gum at the same time sometimes. I was just so excited to actually be driving on a track that I found it hard to bear down and focus on want you were teaching me to do ! But I did come away with alot of great info to practice with. Thank you very much for your patience ! Harry
    JPS02 ·
    Thanks Atwell - I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've just hooked up with the local Lotus Club and got what appears to be a very good mechanic, so hopefully I'm on the right track :)
    duneomatic ·
    All the parts are available from Kennedy Engineered Products in Palmdale CA. They make adaptor plates to adapt modern engines to the VW transaxle however with the VW van they went and designed all the components to convert it over to the 2.2 Subaru engine. They also got the California Air Resource Board to approve it for use in California. No small task. All the Subaru engines are light years better then the VW water boxer. The Subaru is more reliable has 40 HP more and get better mileage with the same displacement. I have seen the VW van with the Subaru 3.3 flat 6 and the STI motor in it. 300 HP in the VW van is just wrong! I will see if I can dig up some photos of the conversion. The entire cost of the conversion is less then the cost to rebuild the VW water boxer.

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