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  • tonymaples806 ·
    That price is fine with me, any idea when you would be able to ship out? I really need to give the buyer a time frame.
    tonymaples806 ·
    any chance I could buy your passenger side access panel since your replacing with CF? I've been desperately looking for one because the car is sold, but I promised to replace the panel, I'm just having a hard time locating one.
    XtinctElise ·
    Since you keep such accurate records, what was the weight of the factory battery? When I took mine out I had a crap scale for the heavier items and my scale showed exactly 25.0 lbs.
    EagleTime ·
    Do you have a picture with the wiper blade off? I want to remove mine, I think it would look a lot better with out it.
    5qf3764b ·
    I was looking at your thread from last sept. and was wondering where you bought your rota slipstreams from. Are you happy with the rims and tire combo you went with? I'm thinking its time to get a set of track specific wheels and tires for my Exige.
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