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  • Type82 ·
    After 14 years of Direct TV I sent them packing, installed Dish and I have no regrets. Just about for every 'regular' channel they have the same in HD and for free!
    I purchased a Samsung "55 LED/LCD and the High Def is mind blowing! Wish I made the switch back in October when I brought the new telly.
    Watching Formula 1 makes me feel like I'm right there in the action. If you pick the 'America's Top 250' package you get every channel DTV offers and some they don't unless you have their top of the line package and Encore. All your locals to boot.
    First year, $40. a month less $10. with another offer. Current regular price per month now is $75.00 a month, I was paying the same to DTV for less channels / no HD / paying extra $12. for ABC, CBS, FOX ~ no NBC, my waiver was denied.
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