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  • danmk1 ·
    David - your profile pic: is that an Aptera or Elio? Either way, have you driven it (neither are available, I thought)?
    David Craig ·
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    I've driven in snow too. The grip is fine. I just try to avoid days in which there is more than about 2 cm of snow since the road clearance is only 5.5 inches. I'm sure the car could handle 5 cm of snow but the bodywork might be damaged if you hit a big chunk of ice.

    Much of the DD versus "garage queen" mentality is in your head. If you commit to using the Elise as a DD you will be fine.
    David Craig ·
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    If you read the posts on this site, you get the feelnig that the sport suspension will be much too firm to use for long drives. However, I find that the car is very comfortable in well maintained highways. It is only bumpy in the city, especially if you hit a pothole.

    One worry I'd had was that the roofs would leak. In my case each of the roofs works fine. I have not had any leaks.

    I have used the car a lot in the rain. I feel better with the winter tires in the rain. The summer tires (AD07) don't have a lot of grooves however it you drive cautiously it is not a problem. If you do have tons of rain you might wish to try the stock tires and later change to something that is better in rain.
    David Craig ·

    I am really enjoying the Elise as a DD. I have snow tires for the winter and I have both of the soft and hard tops.

    I drive it about 80% of the time and use an old Tercel the rest of the time. If the Tercel dies I don't think I'll bother with a "backup" car.

    So for me the Elise is really a daily driver. I put on about 90 km per day.

    There are really only two negatives as a DD.

    1) Very little cargo space. The trunk is really tiny.
    2) Outdoor parking.

    I've got used to 1). If I really need to haul something I have my wife's Mazda 6 I can use.

    Regarding point 2), I would not feel comfortable parking the car outdoors for all to see. I would never parallel park it either--too much risk of damage. I am lucky that I have underground parking at my office. So my car is seen daily on the highway but not seen when parked at home or the office.
    Neehee ·
    Hi David,
    I want to get a lotus elise and plan to drive it in Vancover where it rains a lot and can get icy in the winter. Since your from Toronto I was wondering how you have found the elise in the winter and as a daily driver?
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