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  • carbuff ·
    Noah, That FE is a great car, great condition, I saw it in person once.

    Do you still live in FL? If so you should look up Frank Lu, he still has a V8 Esprit. (Can't remember where he moved to in FL)
    DivorceCPA ·
    Decided given the price differences on the V8, I should spring for a Final Edition - the premium is not really there over the older models. I'm living in Florida, but given the total production, I'll go wherever the car is to get one. If you know any, I'm a ready buyer...
    carbuff ·
    Hi Noah

    You just missed an 88 Esprit from Glen Rock NJ with 18K miles on it. Sold for $10K in early December.

    It's a good time to be buying.

    If you want a V8 Esprit there are two local ones for sale, one in Middletown and one in Lake Hopatcong.

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