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  • oceanlotus ·
    Hi Robert,

    I'm looking to buy one of your Esprit adaptor hubs here in LA- Please PM me or email me the best way to do so. Thanks a lot.
    lmiles69 ·

    I am new to the LT forum and just purchased a 1993 esprit se. I would love to do the elise wheel conversion. do you still have any adapter kits available??


    mperez225 ·
    Hi Bob,

    Do you still have any Elise steering wheel adapters? Sorry it has taken so long to respond to you I have been traveling for work. Also, something is wrong with my LT account. I can't reply to my private messages anymore.

    JIME ·
    Hey Duneomatic,

    2 weeks ago I bought a 1994 S4, BRG color, that was originally owned by Jim Knowles. Do you have any steering wheel kits available? The PO I bought it from really didn't take care of it and now I'm going through it.

    Thanks in advance, Jim Earle
    Bevshady ·
    HELLO, FROM VANCOUVER BC. just purchased a 04 esprit, wanted one my for a long time. right deal right time. only 14miles on it. runs great but yea hate that steering wheel. do you have any more steering wheel kits ?
    Lido74 ·
    Hi Duneomatic,

    do yo still make that airbaig adapterkit elise/esprit?
    I would really like to buy one if still have one.
    Greetings from Germany, cheers Lido74
    Talleyrand ·
    Hi Bob,
    Many thanks for this news, I would be really grateful for a PDF copy of the manual, that would really help me out a ton. My email is j.g.cockell (at)
    Really appreciate your help!
    Talleyrand ·
    Hi Bob,
    Many thanks for the quick reply, that is great that you will have some more kits in soon. Yes, please do reserve one for me in advance. Much appreciated! In the meantime I will try to source an Elise steering wheel.
    Talleyrand ·
    Hi, am trying to get more info on the Elise steering wheel conversion for the Esprit. Do you have any kits left and if not can you point me to instructions and parts needed? Many thanks!
    carbuff ·
    Robert, I am intrigued by the Subie-powered VW van in your sig. Tell us about it! Got pics?

    Atwell Haines
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