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  • trackdriver ·
    1. would you recommend plastidip for stripes
    -You could try it, but if you don't mind spending a little extra money then vinyl would better especially since plastidip only has flat colors.
    2. If they used it for the exhaust tip, shouldn't the diffuser be okay then?
    -Possibly, not too experienced with plastidip.
    3. We've owned our loti for the exact same time, how many mods have you done to yours?
    - I've modified everything other than the internals of the engine
    Dominick22 ·
    I am considering the 07 exige that Zac is selling. I know you private messaged him. Since I would buying sight unseen and do not know these cars very well, can you help me out? Is there a reason you decided to pass on this car? Are there certain questions I should be asking?
    Thanks for any insight
    Nydus ·
    Up there haha I'm in the northwest burbs and it looks like a lot of the chicago meets happen in Rockford, IL and up into southern Wisconsin. If there are fun roads by your or something I could head down there, though like you said if life permits. I'm probably booked most weekends through the rest of good weather. But there's always next summer, when all I'll want to do is drive, drive, drive... =P
    Nydus ·
    I practiced hills today like you mentioned... and that's way better than what I was doing. Just soooo much better. Thanks for suggesting something to me that was so obvious I couldn't even think of it =D also, I know peoria is far away, but we should meetup sometime (and take some pictures, of course). Are you planning on making it up for any meetups with the chicago/southern WI crowd?
    Nydus ·
    i also forgot to mention that i first fell in love with the elise playing forza on my xbox haha
    Nydus ·
    i just read your bio... sounds like me! haha i majored in mechanical with minors in CS, robotics, and german and i'm currently working as a software engineer. i also plan on driving my dad's 2000 monte carlo into the ground while i enjoy my soon to be purchased toy =P congrats on yours!
    EagleTime ·
    I have a Saffron Elise with touring package. I saw you were looking at an 05 with a turbo on it. Does it have the touring package which is leather seats, starshield, power windows etc.. What about stage 2 exhaust? Whatever car you do get.. install the stage 2 exhaust its awesome! How may miles on the 05 Saffron Yellow Turbo Elise?
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