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  • Pmth95 ·

    From your reply on my post regarding Monoballs:

    I just dismounted all monoball last week after more than 8 years and 25 k miles, only 3 or 4 had small loose like 0.001 inch... used on street and track.
    The spherical are com-8 size. I purchased replacement at summit racing, FK brand, precision and Teflon, for 9$ each.

    Can you share which brand of Monoballs you installed?


    Mad MaTTer ·
    sorry to bother but just ran into an old post of yours from 2009 saying you have a solidworks file for the exhaust layout. If you still have do you think I could get a copy of it. thank you very much.
    qz5gxt ·
    Thanks , I have been going back an fourth on getting the wilwood bb up front. I think I will pass and see how I do 1st track days if I go BB in the spring
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