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  • Espri S4S ·
    Hi Keith,

    MrDangerus just updated the oil filter adapter information.

    Additional details are at:

    S4s,S4,SE UPDATES & IMPROVEMENTS - Page 9 - LotusTalk - The Lotus Cars Community

    mcaden ·
    I sent you the $$ for the fittings via PayPal earlier this week. Could you let me know if you received it okay and when you might be able to send them out? Thanks so much for all of your help with this.
    mcaden ·

    I am planning on doing the Mishimoto sandwich plate with the 200 degree thermostat. A few questions:

    1. Could I please get the fittings from you?
    2. I was looking to do a simple single temperature gauge for now. I want something simple, fairly stock looking, and discreet. Do you have a recommended set-up? Do most of the gauges come with the NPT sensor or do I need to purchase that separately? Do you have a sensor you like?
    3. Is my purchase list as follows? Sandwich Plate, 200 Thermostat, NPT sensor, gauge, gauge holder. I should already have the wiring and connectors.
    4. What is the best, easiest way to wire? Run through e-brake opening? Best way to get power and ground?
    5. Do I use blue loctite on any fittings? I assume not.
    6. Tips and tricks to make life easier?

    Again, much thanks for your assistance... looking forward to doing this at my upcoming oil change.


    Marc Caden
    7825 Custer Road
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    henrymfisher ·
    Hi Exigegus,
    I live in MA as well, Sudbury
    Where are you located?

    I am getting ready to put my '05 Chrome Orange Elise on the market. Do you know anyone looking?

    '07 Exige S
    Reiver ·
    You might want to separate the copper o rings from the fittings when you mail them in the future...both were bent/deformed from rattling around in the box.
    I hammered them flat prior to use.
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