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  • carbuff ·
    Hi Steve

    Was this DeloMike's Topic on his '87?

    No support bracket for the Turbo. It bolts onto the exhaust manifold and external wastegate housing. The exhaust manifold on Citroen-trans cars is less prone to crack than on Renault trans Esprits because the muffler is bolted securely to the rear of the transaxle. The Renault cars have the exhaust on hangers where it shakes & wobbles around.
    Tremluf ·
    Steve...sorry for the interior questions. I see now that you already answered those.

    I just removed my seats and need to repair and dye them. The leather seems at the base of the bolster is unstitching. I may need new covers and need to learn my options.

    Curious on your 328 vs lotus thoughts. We seem to have the same taste in cars.
    Tremluf ·
    How did your interior come out?

    Have you found any good posts on how to recover our seats? Did you get new Lotus hides?
    Tremluf ·

    Do you have the "mystery module?" This is the UFO looking sensor mounted above the passenger side gas tank which ties to the bosch fuel system.

    If so, what is the part number on yours? Mine ends in "1" but was replaced at some point. The prior owner thought this was replaced on mine to slow the throttle response. From what I have read the "mystery module" should improve throttle response, however, my part may do something differently.

    I would really appreciate knowing what number your car may have.

    many thanks,

    ferrari328gt ·
    Well, the interior is almost done. I removed every piece of leather including instrument binnacle, whole dashboard, console, firewall, door panels, "A" pillar pieces. The seats and binnacle were to far gone, so I had an upholstery shop recover them. They found leather that was a dead ringer match for the silver blue color. I then took a piece of that leather and sent it to my favorite place in Pennsylvania, called Color-Plus. I've been working with Joanne for decades. With that leather sample, she mixes a batch of polymer leather dye that matches exactly for color and sheen. What I do is strip all the other leather pieces in the car, right down to the bare cow, then re-dye it. The interior looks brand new, and in the original color. Go on the :: Color Plus :: web site for lots of info on re-dying leather. Good luck with your Lotus! -Steve
    Tremluf ·
    Hey Steve.

    I finally picked up an 87 Red/Tan #977 a few weeks ago. Now I am trying to go through the car.

    What are you doing to your interior?
    Tremluf ·
    Hi Steve....what year is your esprit and what color interior?

    When I was a kid a neighbor had a white w gray car....just wondering what yours was.

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