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  • zakria ·
    I have few questions regarding this amazing product of yours. Congratulations of your achievement.

    My friend and I interested to buy the IC7

    I own Elise SC 2009, does it fit to my car? How soon I can purchase the product?

    My buddy own Exige S 2009, does it fit to his car?

    Is it plug and play or it will require additional wiring?

    Thanks in advance
    Corvus13 ·
    Hey man,

    Just got back from sea and was wondering if I can still get one of these setups? Been out for three months and maybe missed the deadline. Ready to pay right now.

    elisenjens ·
    Hi garw,

    Exige S GT from 2007

    1) 1st registration 06/04/2007, you call it „pre 2008“, correct?
    2) Possible to switch the analog speedo (standard Lotus) to km/h only (no miles scale); what you call „speed units“ in video update 4?
    3) Would like to get rid off oil temp, possible?
    4) How easy will it be to set up custom screen design by myself?
    5) Will the camera interface part of basic implementation?
    6) Where will the usb connection been placed?
    7) G-Sensor: which sensor is needed?
    8) Is the initial custom logo still implemented?
    9) Battery level indicator implemented?
    10) „Smart Phone connectivity“ part of basic package? Screen mirroring will be implemented already and running w/o additional hardware (besides a smartphone)?
    11) What will be covered by the „free future updates”?


    Kind regards,
    Jens from Hamburg
    dflick ·
    Did you get my PM? Do we pay now or later? Just want to make sure I am on the list since my dash has been dead since Feb.

    Thanks for the great work!
    Simply Sports Cars ·
    2nd half of the message....

    One quick question on functionality, I have a customer who's car started out life as a 1.6L Elise, he has now fitted the Elise S 1.8L supercharged engine in along with with tghe ECU from a 1.8 Elise S but the problem is he has the earlier model KH ABS not the bosch stability control unit. The engine stars and runs and the ABS works but the ECU is currently not happy and throwing the ABS light & Engine Light because of the config miss match. Can we disable warning lights in your cluster? The other problem is that the ECU isnt getting its wheel speeds from the ABS so we are getting no speed signal. Is there any way of putting in an aux speed signal in? All well outside the design spec but if we can get this working we have definately sold 1 unit straight up.

    Hope to hear back from you soon
    Simply Sports Cars ·
    Hi There,

    I work for Simply Sports Cars which is the Lotus Distributor for Austrlaia and New Zealand. We have 4 engineers on staff here including myself and have a big focus on aftermarket upgrades which we devolp ourselves as well as source from other suppliers. The store is well overdue for an update but our website gives you some idea of what we get up to > Simply Sports Cars - Lotus Cars Authorised Dealership

    I was wondering if you have a website set up with the full specs and information on your LCD Dash? We would be interested instocking and selling it in this territory. Do you have RRP's and trade pricing available yet?
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