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  • Trick Wheels ·
    I just saw your reply for the first time. That is a cool system you built! You should post a how-to with pics. I think a lot of guys would be into it - I know I would, as it is hard to picture how it works without a sequence of pics...
    Best regards,
    Trick Wheels ·
    Hey Glen,
    What were you doing to your Elise in the photo when it was mostly apart in your gallery?

    I now own two 2011 Elise SCs (yes, I love them that much!). I may eventually take the 2nd one apart and restore it, as it lived its life on the East Coast (until two months ago when it arrived in Los Angeles to stay). It is nowhere near as nice underneath as my SC that lived its life in the West.

    I move to California in 1989 and worked as a staff editor on the magazine, VW Trends, for five years. Unfortunately, VWT no longer exists, but the memories live on. I have owned many water-cooled modified VWs. I love Corrados, but I mainly owned GTis and Sciroccos. You have good taste!
    Best regards,
    Tim Gavern
    Irwindale, CA
    (626) 716-7780
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