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  • good2go ·
    Simon, might have what you're looking for:

    Elise Parts - Wheels & Tyres - Wheels - S1 Elise Wheels (Black)

    I still have the Elise but no longer have the Rota Slipstream wheels. These were the dimensions:

    Front: 16x6.5 +26 (13.5 lbs.)

    Rear: 17x7.5 +32 (17 lbs.)

    Hubcentric for the Elise!

    Good luck,

    Hethel8 ·
    Dear Sir,

    I was very interested to see the Rota Wheels that you have on your 05 Elise.

    I am not sure if you still have the car, but could you tell me what the actual rim sizes are?

    I am in the UK and have an earlier 2001 S2. I would be very grateful if you could let me have any sizing details on these rims, as I would like to order some for my car.

    Many Thanks, your car looks superb!

    All the Best

    Simon :)
    good2go ·
    that was the older revzsport front spoiler, it wrapped around, esta international in Hong kong has same now. Yes, i would like photos of my car please, thanks. My Facebook is El Dru, i think - with photo of my ride at night with headlights on. hopefully we'll meet at the next cnc. andy.
    t955152 ·
    oh you saw me?! nice are you on facebook? i actually took some pictures of your car. let me know if you want them. well i actually i mean the picture u post on the headlight post in parts for sale. there you have a picture of your car parking on the side of the street with a lot of trees in the background. i see the front lip is the Reverie Exige one so i was wondering how you mounted that. not the GUT one :) Thanks for the reply though!
    t955152 ·
    hi i saw your car at Cars and Coffee! Looks great! i have a question, from looking at the picture u have on the headlight post, how did you put the Reverie Exige lip on a Elise? is there a major modification? or is it easy to put on?
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