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  • Arjayetz ·
    Hi Alan,

    The car has the original boost gauge, and it really doesn't sound like a noise made by releasing pressurized air. It's metallic in nature....I am definitely going to try to isolate the vacuum pump and see if it could be hitting the heat shield. I don't think my car has the ram air mod, but I'll check. If I can't get it figured out, well looks like a road trip to Gretna may be in order��. Thanks
    Arjayetz ·
    I seem to have "lost" your address. It's gotta be in an archived message but I can not seem to retrieve it. Send me it again, I remember it's by the Blair airport, but that doesn't do me a lot of good!
    Arjayetz ·
    Any chance you might be home around 2:30 on this Friday? Weather looks great and I'm free. If so, I'd love to drive the Lotus up to Blair and meet you. If not, no worries!
    Arjayetz ·
    Broke at the connection point to the engine. Sounds like it has happened to others, you should look it up. Kind of interesting, it often has to do with a bent accelerator stop bracket. So just replacing the cable may end up in the same thing happening again unless the bracket is corrected/reinforced. Wish me luck on replacing the cable....figured I'd give it a shot!
    Arjayetz ·
    Well, maybe luck was on my side last weekend. I went out to the airport last night and drove the Lotus just to be good to it, and.....about 2 miles from "home" the throttle cable broke. That would've not been fun on the interstate! Kinda rigged up a spacer on the butterfly to I could drive back the hanger in 2nd gear. That was interesting��. Anyways, I got a new cable ordered from Dave Bean so I may be a week or two until I make it up to Blair. Have a great week, I'm a bit jealous you are retired.
    tmusc ·
    Buy a GM ECM off of ebay about 100.00 put your calpak into it and install it. most likely problem will go away. from what i can tell the secondary injectors short out causing the driver in the ecm to fail which causes code 26. replaced the ecm on mine and code 26 never reappeared.
    sleekgt ·
    Please look at the URL with the pictures - the description mentions tires type date code, etc. I don't remember offhand but believe 2013 for front and 2014 for rear.

    I paid $1800 for them with bad tires so I think given the need to refinish (if you want pristine) it would be realistic to ask $900 firm plus shipping from 95135. I'd say the tires are good for 10-20k miles. Note the one rear wheel with peeling clear coat and one front wheel with minor curb damage. I'll include the rear adapters needed for 88 Et-20. Reminder the front hub must be either machined to 58mm or you could drill open the wheel but I don't like that idea from a structural integrity view.
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