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    ps - there is a huge learning curve to the fiberglass repair. i started watching videos on how to do it myself, but it looks easier than it is. removing the area and bringing it to a fiberglass guru is the cheapest option and will look good at the end.
    CMP ·
    hey - from Katy. took the front clam off yesterday and brought it into a fiberglass guy today -- i ran over one of those little parking cement stoppers and got a little crack on the bottom of the front bumper... where is your crack? easiest and best solution is to repair the fiberglass from the back side. currently he is fixing that plus a few others for right at $200.00. he normally does waverunners and boats -- fiberglass repair only. after he finishes it goes to his painters. my quote from a professional body shop on a good corner lot was about 850.00. if you want to go the home remedy route, and if you can take off the clam by yourself or need help, let me know and i'll send you his info.

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