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  • boxerman ·
    Hi Jack

    After some frustration this summer with the mtor going into some safety mode I'm biting the bullet and planning on sending it out to Allen at VSA for sorting and some upgrades.
    We're thinking cold air, headers, tune maybe cams.
    Any suggestions you have are appreciated.

    Also would you know of any storage out there?

    XSML RKT ·
    Jack, I paid Jim directly in cash when were were at Buttonwillow. I can't seem to just register without paying again on Motorsports. Can you put me down for the event?
    hpimola ·
    jack, i am still looking for it, you could actually fold it to ship it. if not no biggy, i am still interested. let me know how much you want for it and what shipping cost would be.

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