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  • flowersrj ·

    If that engine has the timing gears that are half-moon instead of the square-cut teeth, I'd be interested in buying the crankshaft gear.

    '95 S4s ...SHF64000
    '79 JPS #040
    StevenD57 ·
    BTW, don't let any glass guy talk you into bonding the windshield directly to the car. I have heard stories of new windshields cracking the first time a good bump is hit if it is direct bonded. Discuss with others in Esprit group here to get ALL the best tips for installing it correctly. I am sure everyone will have lots of good suggestions.
    mieczkow ·
    The three Spal fans were purchased on eBay for $30 each. The support structure is made from 1/8" by 1" aluminum bar stock, about 48" is enough material, and 1" steel spacers from the hardware store. The fans are controlled by a Derale controller which I got from Summit. The power connection to the engine cover is a two lead weatherpack connector. Total cost was about $160 for materials. If you need more details send me an email at [email protected] or give me a call at 727 452 5153.
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