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  • TRMiller ·
    Hi Jermaine,

    I have an 05 Elise that needs a California smog test.
    I discovered that, in spite of the trickle charger, the battery was dead and the ECU lost the VIN so I know I cannot pass the smog.

    It seems to me that besides just getting a stock reflash that this would be a good time to get a flash upgrade....probably the Naturally Aspirated ECU Flash v2:

    +10 ft lbs and 8-10 whp & Lower Cam Switch point (5750rpm)

    I understand I need to get the existing ECU to you......I couldn't find an address on the Vision Function website.


    will your reflash keep the VIN in memory if/when to battery goes bad in the future?


    LotusRobbD ·
    Hi Jermaine,
    I sent you an email yesterday. not sure if you received it.
    I am interested in purchasing the ECU flash for the N/A Lotus Elise and I had a couple of questions

    I have an 05 Lotus Elise with ITG foam air filter from BOE and Vision Function RS-R exhaust.
    1. Which ecu flash would you recommend
    2. Is it possible to set the idle a little higher
    3. Does it lower it the cam change
    4. How much HP and torque gains would I possibly see

    sorry if the questions seem kinda newbish, still learning
    thank you for your help
    jluff007 ·
    Hey jermaine, I placed an order last Tuesday for an RSR exhaust but haven't heard anything about when it might ship. Can you help with this please? It was order #000048

    Thanks, Jason.
    britboyindy ·
    I have a 2005 Elise, NA, intake, header, Larini exhaust, do you offer a specific tune for this setup or does the standard NA tune apply?

    Many Thank

    RichardNHCooper ·
    Hi Jermaine I have been running the VF stage2 for a while and have recently changed out my stock Lotus silencer that had lost its baffels for a new one off a new Elise S from a local forum member . My question is can I put on headers and a sports cat as is without a retune and do you think it will make the car a bit quicker than the tock exhaust on my 06 111R that has about 30k miles on it. If so what would you recommend?
    Richard Cooper
    Western Australia
    scottm12 ·
    Jermaine,Will you still do this deal,with a deposit now for your next run of kits??[I always see this stuff about a day late!] Scott M.
    Steve B in SD ·
    Quick question re: the VF kit
    I have an Exige, do I use the existing supercharger since I already have one?
    Also, I assume this kit isn't CARB legal at this point.
    seen ·
    hello Jermain, i have sent you a mail on your site. however there was no feedback if it was actually sent. pse let me know if you got it. thx.

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