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  • Felgacarb ·

    I'll take the Gutted passenger airbag cover to go where your dash was if you run AIM/steering wheel data. $20
    and the Rear cupholder base $10-

    kieranexige ·

    Ill take the rear wheels if there the lotus sport stamped ones?

    Also do you have a trinket tray divider or a dbw throttle body?
    ryoung99 ·
    I need to tear the race car apart, it got put into a tire wall in Daytona. They put us in GTO, so if the car is not totaled I might be interested in your S/C system.
    death2lois ·
    If you're serious about selling your clams, let me know. I'll see about having the body shop get in touch with you. They would have to buy them from you and then insurance would have to pay them.
    VTLotus ·
    Thanks for the replies I will see if i can rotate it any further to get it inside the frame as mine sticks out about a half an inch past in the wheel well.

    glagola1 ·
    Hey there, I'm now using CL RC6 front pads and CL RC8 rear pads. I've found this to work the best. I really don't have issued with ice-mode anymore. I'm also running pretty soft springs comparatively = 550 front and 750 rear.

    It's all about fixing the bad bias. Put more pad on the rear than the front.
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