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  • Ti-tillidie ·
    Love your avatar, how could you not, Gamera's the friend of all children! Are you a MST3K fan? Lots of good Gamera action from those guys.
    namoom ·
    What did you end up ordering for snow tires? my forum searches are bringing up a lot of ideas that you posted in the past but limited results :)

    tesmanech ·
    I just saw your message. Upgraded radio Pioneeravh-p5200bt: AVH-P5200BT - In-Dash DVD Multimedia AV Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth and 7'' Touchscreen Display | Pioneer Electronics USA

    What would I do different:
    I would get a rear view camera that is better that does not get impacted by lights at night (when a light hits it, it blows up white)...if you understand what I mean.

    I would not go with a bluetooth phone option in the radio, since the car is to loud for other people to hear and also I would avoid the video playback feature...who watches videos on a Lotus...
    komiko ·
    It's the ITG intake, really love it. It came with my supercharger so BOE sourced it. Bet they'd sell you one if you asked them..
    Eyelise ·
    Which intake do you have and where did you source it. I may have to move the cooler to the back and mine CAI won't fit.

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