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  • Jmoses77 ·

    Are you going to be at NHIS this coming Monday? I am hoping to get there to take some pictures again but wanted to reach out to see if you would be instructing. Hope you are enjoying the summer.
    Levi ·
    Quick question, what size Toyo R1Rs did you use and how much wear did you get out of them? I searched and found you said: "The rears have about 6,000 street miles and 3 track days. They are nearing the end of their life" How long did they up lasting until they completely gave out and did the grip stay the same throughout their life or did they heat cycle out fast? Thank you, I'm thinking about these tires but I will track days so I'm concerned how long they will last.
    LotusCC ·
    Hey everyone. I live just north of Boston, Ma. and I'm finally ready to purchase an 05 Elise. I have been able to do more track events over the past 2 years (93 and 95R supercharged miata) and absolutely love the Elise/Exige's. I am looking for an accident/salvage free car. Thanks.
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