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  • mentor1 ·
    Hi, I just damaged the front clam on '05 elise, and you were recommended as a possible source for a clam. It appears that you supply an aftermarket item, and I was wondering if you know if the 2011 clam is a direct fit for the 2005? pm me on prices please.
    morrissey ·
    Hi, I am in the market for a front clam on my 05' Elise. What are you charging for these? And is the lead time stilll 4-6 weeks?

    jridge ·
    Forgot to follow up - but wanted to let you know that the cup holders I received and installed. I had a snap pop off, but I believe that was my fault (playing around with it). Otherwise, all good. Thanks for the top work.
    grnmchn ·
    Hi there - I sent paypal payment for a CF plate holder but never received it (nor a tracking number) - any help appreciated!
    grnmchn ·
    Hi - can I buy one of your CF License plate holders with NO vinyl lettering? (ie as shown in the photo) Let me know how to pay - Thanks!
    Uselise ·
    I have been trying to get an update on the splitter I order and paid for. I have emailed and have not heard back. Can you at least let me know this email was received? I also would like to know when you expect them in.
    Thank you
    dxgary77 ·
    do you still have extra splitter for 05 elise? is it matte black finish or can you make it matte black instead. what is the total cost shipped to 95035
    brownie ·
    hey its mike from pittsburgh i posted a pic in my garage let e know if thats johns car if so can u put me in contact with him that would be great did he have a user same on here
    Bryker7 ·
    Hey, im interested in the Splitter/front lip for the elise. When will you have more in? And whats the price shipped w/hardwear to Merrick,NY,11566 thanks.
    93viperrt10 ·
    checked out the pghcnc website, great website and recongnize some of the cars. I am going to try and make it to the 19th meet. Already registered on the website.

    Thanks for letting me know about this group.
    Rickster ·
    Lowtush, in a recent post you mentioned that you have a few splitters left. Is that still true? If so, I'm interested. I saw $176 on an earlier page. Is that still the price? Also, did I see a hardware inclusion option earlier in the thread at some point?
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