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  • mlc66 ·
    Thanks Matt,
    I’m intending to drive up to the Petersen Museum for an event next Saturday.
    I’m assuming the wheels are now without tires and therefore the rims would fit in my Elise without a passenger?
    Best regards,
    mlc66 ·
    I’m interested in your wheels and will be in LA next weekend. Can you let me know if they are still for sale and whether they have been checked for runout I.e. not bent
    djgaloot ·
    I'm somewhat new on the lotus forum so I'm not sure what the difference is between a private message and a "conversation". In case the private message isn't the correct format, here is a conversation!

    Per my post I am very interested in the tires and wheels for the Elise. I currently have the stock touring set-up on my 2005 Elise. How do the tires fit in the wheelwells? any rubbing? How much tread is left on the tires?
    You say the wheels are in excellent condition so I assume that means no curb rash, dents, etc with good finish? You can give me a call at 503-449-6960 if you would like. My brother lives in San Dimas and could pick them up for me. I live in Portland OR. I am not sure on the shipping costs but they shouldn't be too bad.
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