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  • Srovner ·
    Hi Mobius97,
    My name is Scott and I live in Colorado. I have an 06 chrome orange Elise w the boe torque200 tune. I also have a stock 05. I have read you own a Katana2 SC Kit.

    I track my cars a few times/yr but otherwise race daily in the local canyons. My cars are not street driven.

    I know the boe rev300 is the best non intercooler kit available. I just worry the extra HP will be at the limit of what the stock clutch can handle.

    I am very close to buying someone's used katana2. It has low miles and is the newer katana2 version.

    Question- is the katana2 a poor choice? Spins very fast for not much boost. old design, out dated. But the price is good $3200 plus a $600 re flash.

    so many guys on LT are down on the katana2. What is your advice as you own the katana2? I think you have posted admitting katana2 is a bit of a let down.

    Thanks for your help. If I need more help can I call or text you?

    Scott Rovner
    AMS_ag ·

    I am doing some research on parts and what I will be needing. Fortunately, I can get oem parts and various items delivered within the same day to the shop, so if we run into anything unexpected I should be able to get the parts. My plan is to upgrade the clutch and flywheel to something heavier duty. Just need to source the one I want. I'm hoping for this coming month, I will know soon and let you know! I don't mind at all, I'd love to help out. We can do it before the clutch as well. Does that work with you? I'm able to shift things around at the shop so anytime works fine.

    I need to fix my transmission cables on the Evora as well. It does not like second gear so I have been going first to third. Perfect time to fix that and possibly upgrade the cables is while the engine is out. I'm excited and anxious to pull it but at the same time going to miss the car for however long it takes!
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