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  • shoco ·
    mopho, morgan my name is Steve O'Brien. I think we may have met before at Cars and Coffee in Irvine. Say, I noticed from reading your posts you have a depth of experience with many cars I am considering as my next one. I had an '07 Exige S and sold it because it made sense at the time. And now it is time to consider what next. I can see the Exige in this country is on borrowed time. I have called Rocky Mountain Sportscars and talked to Ben about a new CSR Caterham.
    You sir have experience with both. I want to make a wise move and I am undecided between '10 Exige S, used Exige S and convert to streetable 2-11, or new CSR with a 2.0 not the long stroke 2.3 . Would love to get your thoughts on this subject. -Steve
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