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  • Jenna'sEspritTurbo ·

    Jenna here. Hope all is well.

    Question if I may? I am looking to replace the Alunox muffler that I bought with my exhaust header and exhaust system. Mine is the 3 inch version in stainless. It is larger in length then the oem muffler and quiets the car to much.
    Have you played around with mufflers that might liven the exhaust note some without getting into the popping noise that some folks have???

    I hate to just keep "trying" different option.

    Penelope's servant, lol
    mieczkow ·
    I've not heard that John. I know they are pretty widely used in Esprits so I just installed them. They certainly fit using the stock fuel rail.
    claudjrh ·
    Interested in learning more about your car esp servicing it.......where are you located in California? And what's your reduced price? I'm in Vancouver thru Sun nite but back in Seattle, my cell is 425-443-5062.

    jtrealty ·
    Ralph at RS Motorsports recently acquired an X180. He wants to know where all of the others of the original 20 are. Please call him at 201-750-0700.
    David Teitelbaum
    G8nightman ·
    Hey MrDangerus

    That wasn't mine a friend of mine was putting it together but I think he has dropped the project due to a divorce.
    ageshelin ·
    I can make you wheel spacers. the 70.6 PCD sounds familiar... I think it is chevy.
    I may even have some... I will just drill another 5 holes or can make brand new. It is called hub-centric spacer. I try to use 7075 when I can get it.

    sleekgt ·
    Hi there:

    Thanks for the friend request. I looked at your modifications pages in more depth - WOW! You certainly are a busy guy! I really like many of your mods. For my car, I'm torn between certain mods - unlike you, I'm probably going to have to pay my mechanic to do some of them ($$$) as I simply don't have as much time to do some myself. The top 3 I'm considering are the pre-oiler, fire suppression system (I tend to be paranoid about engine fires), and that cooling fan you have on the air intake. The sounding deadening modifications also look cool as the car is definitely noisier than I'd like. Your dual exhaust is nice too - did you have the stock muffler modified with a 2nd outlet?


    SirLotus ·
    Hi John,
    Your best bet is to purchase a keyless entry module from the manufacturer of your new alarm system.
    Tinkering with cars and photography is my passion. My last project was 89 Allante. Recently, I got 1988 Esprit Turbo w/Bosch CIS Lambda and Citroen MK1 tranny. I am ready for the ultimate engineering challenge.
    List of fixes and mods is growing!
    I am always looking for kindred Lotus souls in Michigan. Give me a PM, please.
    Kia Ora
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