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  • TXDoogie ·
    Just saw the message below since it was in your visitor messages instead of mine :)

    Thought I might have spotted you driving a different car this morning. I think it was a black 350z (not sure) but what I noticed was an RV-4 sticker in the window. It was on 121 westbound around 7:15.
    N252CE ·
    In regards to Reklaw, I think it was 2007 (before the fuel prices went nuts), there was 500+ "registered" planes there. It's just non-stop takeoff and landings, the whole weekend. If you like to watch aircraft takeoff and land, you'll love this event.

    I've always miss the Londener in Addison. Always wanted to go, but never think about it in time. One day..
    TXDoogie ·
    I should have been given the same advice before I drove the Lotus :)

    I'm surprised by the number of planes that turned out for the Fly-in. Looks like quite the event.

    The All British and European Car Day is May 4th this year. Last year we had about 15 Lotus. If you are on Facebook, you should join the North Texas Lotus Club. Various events and happenings get posted there like Cars and Coffee in Dallas and Fort Worth, monthly meets at the Londener in Addison, etc. Pretty good group of people.
    TXDoogie ·
    I have never flown in an RV-4 but it looks like a pretty fun plane. I'd love to see it some day.
    I've worked here for a about 4.5 years. They have occasional "bring your wings to work" days but I'm not sure of the schedule. It seems like every time they have done it in the past the weather was terrible and not many were able to fly in. They also occasionally have a "bring your wheels to work" day.
    Did you happen to attend the All British and European Car Day last May at White Rock Lake? I remember a Chilli Red Elise there but never met the owner.
    TXDoogie ·
    Steve--don't blame you for not driving the Elise to work from Dallas. Good luck on the search for a place over here on this side of town--I've heard from a few others that things are moving rapidly.

    The breakfast run to Hicks sounds like fun. Definitely have to do that sometime. I've been looking for some good drives since I got the car about a year ago but haven't found much yet.

    I work in building 5 on the second floor (kind of above the assembly line) in cubicle land.

    Where do you keep what looks like an RV-4? I was a pilot in the AF for 20 years but haven't flown much since I retired and started working here.

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