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  • pcargt3 ·
    hi and sorry for your troubles
    I don't remember exactly what issues were but I think I discussed it in original thread. the cc wouldn't set a speed (which is only thing you really want it to do). I could push the accel button and car would speed up but would stop when I let go of button.
    my install guy is very lotus knowledgeable too and couldn't figure it out. luckily, he never charged for install, deinstall, or all the time he spent on phone, online, etc. amazing that. monkey wrench was very nice to me too. just wish it would've worked.
    if your up to the long drive to them, I would say go for it. car needs cc badly.
    good luck
    mbiamonte77 ·
    Hi, Lee...

    Nearly three years later -- YES... my plate used to be R31 BSH. That was me on rt. 17. Would love to see the pic if it's still available. Sorry it took so long.. I was on these boards for a while when I first got the car, but faded out....

    thanks in advance!

    - Mike
    BritishMike ·
    I like the way you put that! I am seeing how rare they are I didnt know it was such low porductions number but I did know its a one year only car in US and the updated clams look amazing! I plan on doing some mods but nothings that isnt reversable.. I would love an SC I wont lie.
    BritishMike ·
    Hey Lee, I do have a Persian Blue 2011 Elise but I have the Biscuit interior so close relatives! Thanks for the welcome message! No report either I know you can get the report from lotus but I haven't checked into the cost. I had to buy this second hand but it was only at 1700 miles!
    RPetry ·
    Hey Lee,

    Wow, a friend on LotusTalk! Thanks for the invite. I'm not into all that social media stuff, but nothing like another Elise owner as a friend.

    You have to try and make the LTW Motorsports track day down at Thunderbolt/NJMP on June 24th. Go to: LTW Motorsports announces June NJMP 2013 Monday, June 24, 2013 info at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ 08332 (1277) -

    Lots of Lotus entrants and track time. Bill and Greg know tracking and especially Lotus cars.

    volvoqn88 ·
    Hi Lee,

    I am very good friends with Wayne....I can let him know you are looking for him if you would like...I will see him Sunday....
    Batimovil ·
    Hey Lee!

    I wasn't sure how to add friends, hope you got the confirmation by now.

    Things are good, baby is growing fast, he is almost 6 months and is much more "interactive" nowadays, which is fantastic. I'm sure he'll be a handful in a few months crawling and walking around. I guess I'll loose a few pounds in the process - an alternative way to add lightness!

    Great that you are organizing those events, last time we had a blast and I've found my walkie-talkie so hopefully getting lost will be harder. Let me know if you need some help.

    Hope family is well and the Thanksgiving parade went well as well! did you participate this year?
    HoosierDaddy ·
    Hi Lee. This Tom with the 944 that was with you and Ed at thunderbolt last Thursday. I wanted to stay in touch with you and Ed. How did you make out getting Ed home that day? I would like to be in touch with Ed and see if he needs any help with his car. Please let him know for me. You or he can call me at 973 978 4723. Thanks. I hope all is well with you. Tom
    vmcdemo ·
    O Lee O,

    sorry took a while to get back to you. Thanks for the invite, but I will be driving there the day of.

    much appreciated though and I to look forward to meeting you

    Batimovil ·
    Thanks for the kind message! It's a super exciting stage and we've been trying to take it all in, especially because they grow so fast! I'll def show you some pics in the next meet and I'm glad you guys had a a lot of fun!
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