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  • Julian73 ·
    Do you have any interest in a Harness bar? I moved from the Sector 111 Monkey Bar to SSC Bar for my new car. I purchased a group of them for a few other guys on LT but have one extra bar coming in from Austrialia that needs a home.

    I can sell for $549 plus shipping from Tx to up to you.

    EVORA HARNESS BAR KIT - Simply Sports Cars
    Mswe ·
    Hey Plack, looking for exhaust price for 2012 IPS N/A shipped to 17111. Any tuning required for the HP/torque gains? I assume the tubing is the same 2.5 inch as the stock tubing as I may want to experiment with some different tips. Thanks,

    Geoman ·
    Hi Plack,
    Have you posted any video pertaining to the Plack Edition Exhaust? I am on the fence regarding which exhaust system to buy. Thanks.

    dmuhtaroglu ·
    i guess you got new shifter cables for evora? mine is 2010 LE and i suffered so much from transmission related issues. if you plan to sell them i might be interested. just let me know please.
    Julian73 ·
    Just to confirm, what size R888's are you running on the 18 x 8.5 / 18 x 10 wheels and what cold pressures.

    TheInventor ·
    Hey Jeremy, just saw you cruising in your ardent red Evora in Fort Worth! Beautiful car man! Keatre says you'll be at Cars & Coffee in Dallas tomorrow so I guess I'll see you there! :)
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